As Undergraduate Chair of the department, it is my pleasure to extend warm greetings to you and invite you to explore our website to learn more about educational opportunities in the rapidly growing criminal justice field. Members of the faculty strive to create an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration with other faculty as well as students. We take pride in providing a unique, hospitable, and productive environment for undergraduate and graduate study in criminal justice.

Please explore our website for detailed information about our departmental core courses and large selection of elective course offerings, faculty profiles, undergraduate awards, major and minor requirements, and much more. Be sure to find out about the undergraduate criminal justice association, known as the Criminal Justice Society. This group of criminal justice undergraduates is very active on both our Main and Ambler campuses and is a valuable source of important information and events, career opportunities, and professional networking.

I hope that what you see in our web pages and related links leads you to share the excitement among our faculty and students about what Temple’s Department of Criminal Justice has to offer. We hope you will join us and lend your own special talents and energies to the task of increasing our understanding crime in order to do a better job of preventing and controlling it and securing justice for defendants, victims, and society.

Jennifer Wood
Undergraduate Chair, Department of Criminal Justice