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Main Campus

Anthony J. Luongo, Executive Director
(215) 204-7930    [office]  

Gina Gannone, Financial Services Assistant
(215) 204-9028    [office]    

Sabrina Reels, Secretary III
(215) 204-3909    [office]

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Ambler Campus

Robert Deegan, Director, Temple University Police Academy
(267) 468-8605    [office]

(267) 468-8660    [fax]


Christie Willard, Coordinator, Deputy Sheriffs' Training Program
(267) 468-8600    [office]

(267) 468-8660    [fax]  


Deidre Beiter, Coordinator, Constables' Training Program
(267) 468-8331    [office]

(267) 468-8660    [fax]  



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Ambler Campus

Aninsman, Andrew

Carey, Richard

Canaris, Michael

Cordani, Clifford

Daly, William

Dolan, Eugene

Frei, Michelle

Gump, Raymond

Hanna, Joseph

Hawthorn, Ken

Homoki, Stephen

Kane, James

Kane, Michael

Kelly, James

Lembach, Robert

Leo, Paul

Long, Steven

Manescu, Ronald

McCann, Harry

McCarthy, John

Moody, Susan

Newhall, Brian

Nieves, Jr., David

Ruck, Jr., Richard

Schwartzkopf, Robert

Stine, Joseph

Troccola, Dennis

Troxel, Timothy

Vona, Richard

Weed, John

West, Donald

Wiegman, William


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