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Legislative Security Officers' Basic Training for 2006

Temple University is pleased to share several photos taken by staff on August 11, 2006 at the Temple University Harrisburg Campus.

Pictured below are nine newly hired Legislative Security Officers (LSOs) attending the first half of the basic training course (160-hours). The officers received instruction in such topics as criminal law and procedure, juvenile law, use of force, defensive tactics, O.C. pepper spray, extendable baton, report writing, health and wellness, and firearms.

(Above) The academic topics of the basic training course are taught at the Temple University Harrisburg Campus. Pictured are several LSOs listening intently to the instructor and taking notes in their student workbooks.

(Above) Mr. Dennis Troccola discusses the importance of handling people with special needs safely and respectfully.

(Above) Mr. Emil Minnar introduces the topic of Juveniles and Related Law. He references Title 42, Section 6100 as the source for procedures related to the custody and transportation of minors.

August 11, 2006 (Temple University Harrisburg Campus)

(Above) Mr. Dennis Troccola demonstrating on fellow instructor Mr. Robert Lembach the proper technique for rolling over and standing up an in-custody defendant.

(Above) Mr. Troccola and Mr. Lembach displaying the proper technique of escorting an in-custody defendant.

(Above) Mr. Lembach demonstrates how to apply a wrist-lock to an active resister.

(Above) Mr. Troccola emphasizes the importance of how to quickly and safely apply handcuffs.

(Above) Mr. Troccola and Mr. Lembach demonstrate how to apply two sets of handcuffs to a secure a large defendant.


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