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Deputy Sheriffs' Distance-Learning Program

Temple University is pleased to announce the availability of the 2014 Distance-Learning Courses offered by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) and the Deputy Sheriffs' Education and Training Board. There is no tuition cost for the training. A Temple University Certificate of Completion and Transcript of Training are issued to each deputy, and a copy to his/her Sheriff, at the end of the enrollment period for each course successfully completed. 

Distance-Learning Courses for 2014 (Announcement Coming Soon)

In order to participate in the courses and experience all features of the program, the deputy will need to have access to reasonably up-to-date computer equipment.  The minimum computer requirements are Windows XP, 512MB RAM, Pentium IV, and Broadband Internet access. To enroll, deputies should call (267) 468-8600 to request a registration form or e-mail their request to:

Note: This training does not replace the 20-hour continuing education requirement of Act 1984-2 nor is the deputy or County reimbursed for the time spent completing these modules.  This is a voluntary program for the benefit of deputies and their offices. 

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