Our next Initiation will be December 2009 at the Saturnalia.

For the Fall '08 semester we initiated:For Spring '09 semester we initiated:

Joseph Zehner Tom Goodman Peter Glockin

Faith Garret Kyle Simmons Dan Henrich

Amy Sreb Jade Adelizzi Alex Turock

Dr. Daniel Markovich - Honorary Member

Download an Application [PDF]

In order to be accepted into Eta Sigma Phi you must meet these Requirements:

1. Have at least 2 semesters in Latin or Greek.

2. Have a B+ average in those languages.

3. Have a 3.5 GPA

4. Be a Classics Major or Minor.

If you are interested in joining Eta Sigma Phi then you must contact Ryan, Krystal, Lauren, or Dr. Davis. We would love to have you!

Benefits of membership include:

· a membership card and certificate

· subscription to Nuntius, the biannual newsletter of the society

· an annual national convention including a certamen and banquet

· the opportunity to give academic presentations before an audience of peers and scholars

· annual sight translation exams in Latin and Greek

· honors cords and sashes for graduation

· bronze and silver medals of achievement

· eligibility for summer travel scholarships to Greece, Rome or southern Italy

· eligibility for a Latin teacher training scholarship

Temple's chapter has a listserv that is used to announce events, new courses and other pertinent information. To subscribe to the listserv, simply do the following:

Send an email message to

In the body of the message, type subscribe yourfirstname yourlastname

You will receive an acknowledgement. It's that simple!