Requirements for Distinction in Major

Approved by the Classics Department Faculty in May 2008

Distinction in Major requires senior honors thesis and a minimum 3.5 GPA in Greek, Latin and Roman Classics courses.

Timetable and Guidelines

1) Planning should start early in the student's penultimate semester (if not sooner). The student, after consulting with the Department Advisor concerning his or her GPA, should discuss possible topics with a range of faculty. A student who is completing a major in Classical Language and Literatures must plan a topic that involves texts in Greek or Latin in some meaningful way. Any paper topic may build upon work from a previous course, but revisions to that work must be substantial. By the end of the tenth week of the term the student should have decided upon both the topic and the faculty mentor. The student and faculty mentor will then decide upon a second faculty reader. The student should plan for a thesis of roughly 18-20 double-spaced pages.

2) The student must register for an Independent Study, choosing, where appropriate, either Greek, Latin or GR Classics 4182. A student who is completing a major in Classical language and literatures must choose Greek or Latin 4182. A student who is completing a major in Classical Civilizations must register for GR Classics 4182. If there is more than one student completing an honors thesis during the semester then those students and their advisors (and any interested faculty) will meet regularly together to discuss their projects and research techniques in general.

3) By the end of the first week of the student’s last semester he or she should have confirmed with the Department Advisor

    • Eligibility by GPA
    • The thesis topic
    • The names of the mentor and second reader
    • Registration in the Independent Study

4) The student and mentor should plan on a specific timetable of drafts, but the student should plan on a submitting a semi-final version of the thesis to the advisor and second reader by November 15th of the fall term or April 15 of the spring term. This version will be the basis on which the advisor and reader recommend to CLA whether the student will graduate with distinction in major. The last version of the paper should be complete by the beginning of the final exam period.

4) The student will make an oral presentation to faculty and students to be scheduled at some point during the last two weeks of the semester in which the student graduates.