Martha A. Davis, Adviser (215) 204-8202
Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Chair (215) 204-3672

Major Requirements UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

1. At least eight courses in Greek and/or Latin, including 3096 in at least one of the two languages.
2. Three additional courses from any or all of the following categories: 

a. Advanced courses in Greek and/or Latin. 
b. Courses in Classical Culture (e.g., Classical Mythology) 
c. Courses on aspects of the ancient Greek and Roman world offered in other Temple departments such as Art History, History, Religion and Philosophy, and approved by the department adviser. 

Distinction in Major

Distinction in Greek and Roman Classics requires a senior thesis and a minimum GPA of 3.5 in Greek, Latin, and Greek and Roman Classics courses.

Minor Requirements 

1. Latin or Greek through the 2002 level. 
2. Either GRC 3001/3196 or 3296. 
3. Four additional courses (see under Major Requirements 2. a-c). Minimum of two of these courses must be above the 2000 level. 

Ancient Mediterranean Studies Minor

1. Greek, Hebrew or Latin 1001-2  
2. One of these courses: GR Classics 3001/3196 (Classical G&R Mythology); 3296 (Comparative Mythology); or 3396 (Classical Epic). 
3. Two units of The Ancient City (cycle of four cities offered: Byzantium 3003/3896; Periclean Athens 3596; Hellenistic Alexandria 3696; Augustan Rome, 3002/3796. 
4. One additional course at or above the 2000 level from this department or from another department such as Anthropology, Art History, Religion, History or Philosophy, as approved by a GR Classics department adviser. 

Study Abroad
Greek and Roman Classics students are permitted and encouraged to study abroad, particularly at Temple University Rome. The location and course offerings of this campus make it extremely attractive to anyone interested in the ancient world. Students interested in studying at this campus are encouraged to consult with departmental faculty early in their career at Temple.