Myra, Antalya

Please contact Robin Mitchell-Boyask if you know of any other videotapes of Greek dramas that we could add to the collection. These all can be watched inside the Educational Technology Center, lobby level of Anderson Hall. Faculty can borrow them as well.


Agamemnon A Tragedy by Aeschylus

CLA Ed Tech Center EG.N-16

Performed by the London Small Theatre Company (earlier version of Aquila) and directed by Peter Meineck, this modernized production of Aeschylus’ play features brilliant acting and a new translation that eventually became part of the Oresteia read at Temple.

Aeschylus. Agamemnon

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-10

Aeschylus. Choephori (Libation Bearers)

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-11

Aeschylus.Eumenides (The Furies)

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-12

The components of the historic Oresteia at the British National Theatre, by Peter Hall and Oliver Taplin. Translation by Tony Harrison. Performed in masks. Note that the sound of these tape do not work well with the standard vcr-tv combo. Better shown with a projection system


Euripides. Iphigenia

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-04

This is Michael Cacoyannis’ very moving adaptation of Euripides’ Iphigenia at Aulis

Euripides. Medea

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-05

New York: Greek Drama Company 1986. This is a Columbia student production that attempts to recreate an authentic performance. The Greek text is used (English subtitles), there is a real Chorus accompanied by an oboe, and masks

Euripides. Medea

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-15

Kennedy Center production of Medea about a woman driven by emotion beyond the brink of rationality. With Zoe Caldwell as Medea and Judith Anderson as the nurse. English text adapted by Robinson Jeffers. This is not Euripides’ tragedy, for there are too many changes to the text. However, Caldwell’s portrayal of Medea is utterly magnificent


Ajax A Tragedy by Sophocles

CLA Ed Tech Center EG.N-14

Summary Directed by Peter Meineck and featuring the Aquila Theatre Company this production of Sophocles’ play modernizes the sets and characters while keeping the classical themes intact. Ajax is played by an actor of African descent and the production plays off of class distinctions audible in the British actors’ accents.

Sophocles. Antigone

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-09

This BBC production is frequently used in IH classes. I find it very heavy-handed and clich├ęd.

Sophocles. Oedipus at Colonus

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-08

Part of the BBC series. A noble portrayal of the title character. Chorus somewhat ineffective

Sophocles. Oedipus the King

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-07

See comment on Antigone

Oedipus Rex Tyrone Guthrie Production

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-16

Very ritualistic, but historic, production from Toronto, played with masks. It uses the translation by W. B. Yeats


Aristophanes. Lysistrata

CLA Ed Tech Center CL.C-17

This contemporary adaptation of Aristophanes’ comedy filmed on location at the Acropolis is a timeless remonstration against war. For mature students. In Greek with subtitles. This was filmed after the military coup in Greece and that turmoil is part of the movie’s subtext

Frogs A Comedy by Aristophanes

CLA Ed Tech Center EG.N-15

This innovative production of Aristophanes’ comedy presented by the London Small Theatre Company utilizes 1950’s-style musical numbers and delightful comedic skits while remaining true to the spirit of the original text.

Birds A Comedy by Aristophanes

Robin Mitchell-Boyask has a private copy of Aquila’s production, which he is happy to lend to other teachers. Filmed at Temple.