Cognitive Neuroscience




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Current Lines of Research


Research in the Olson Lab employs a cognitive neuroscience approach to studying three lines of research:

Social Memory


Memory for who people are and how we relate to them. This encompasses the neural basis of face memory, proper name memory, social networks and social hierarchies as well as perception, evaluation, memory and conceptualization of personality traits (both abstractly and concretely) such as dominance.

(Left  )Areas commonly active during social tasks..                                                          (Right) Heider & Simmel stimuli. Push Play to run movie. Movie compliment of Robert Schultz




Working Memory


Basic aspects of working memory, such as capacity, resolution, and enhancement, as well as the functional roles of portions of the parietal cortex and hippocampus in this function and their interrelationship.

(Left) Areas commonly activated during STM and LTM.                                                                                                               (Right) Stimulus from a working memory experiment




Episodic Memory


Defining the functional role of the parietal cortex in episodic memory. The lab employs functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), brain stimulation, and patient testing in combination with traditional behavioral measures. Click on the Publications link to learn more about our research.

(Left) Link to the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Research Page.                                          (Right) Areas active in LTM (red) or STM (green)




The lab's principle investigator is Dr. Ingrid Olson. For directions to the lab click here.