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Internet Resources for Experimental Stimuli

We have compiled a list of Internet resources for both auditory and visual stimuli. All links have been tested as of 12/20/07. If you have stimuli that you would like to add to this list (or if you notice a broken link), please contact the webmaster (govinda.vyas[at] As always, please cite the appropriate investigator upon publishing any paper using downloaded stimuli.

Dot Cloud Stimuli

Our lab created sets of random dot patterns (similar to the Posner and Keele dot clouds) for use in experimental testing. Twenty-four sets of 11 images are provided, each with a random display of white dots on a gray background. Images denoted with a "C" are the canonical dot patterns for each set. The sets are composed of 10 other images in which the dot locations are progressively (randomly) perturbed from their original locations in the canonical image. For example, set1_1.bmp is derived by adding a small amount of random noise to the dot locations in set1_C; set1_10.bmp is derived by adding a large amount of random noise to the dot locations in set1_C. Dot Stimuli

Verbal Stimuli

Sets of normed word pools

Normed affective word lists

Sound Stimuli

Useful sound clips (animal noises, cartoon voices)

Sound clips from movies

Various sound files including famous spoken quotes

Social and Emotional Stimuli: Faces and Photos

Stirling/ESRC 3D Face Database, a free-to-use database of 2D and 3D faces with varying viewpoints, lighting, distance, and expressions.

Computer generated faces manipulated along 9 trait dimensions, from Alex Todorov's lab at Princeton.

Face stimuli varying in age, gender and ethnicity, from Denise Park's lab at Illinois

Database of emotional faces from the Technical University of Munich

Classic emotional stimuli (such as the IAP picture set) are available

Ekman face set from 1975 (can be ordered for $175)

Newer (and free) set of emotional faces from Technical University of Munich

Emotional face set from CMU

A clearinghouse of information relevant to emotion researchers, including links to emotional stimuli (confusing website design)


Information on Face Recognition

A stimulus set including 1,612 PNG-format color images generated along an image morph continuum between the average male face and the average female face from a large database of feature-tagged face images.


Objects and Scenes

Large sets of real objects photographed from various angles

Many good images of cars, motorcycles, airplanes, faces, doors and scenes (from Caltech)

Objects and scenes of mixed quality (University of Surrey)

Color-calibrated natural scenes

A good database of objects, scenes, birds, butterflies, textures, with links to other sites (Illinois)

Objects in Scenes

Real objects (from Columbia)

Photographs of people, scenes and objects (from Berkeley)

Large database of pictures of fruits, vegetables, animals, cups and cars taken under controlled photographic conditions

Computer-generated objects (from Princeton)

Biological Motion

Large set of point-light displays, with both human and nonhuman actors (from Temple)

Change Detection

Editorial errors from movies

Free flicker demos (from Ron Rensink)

Dan Simons' DVD of classic change blindness short movies

Mike Tarr's change blindness stimuli

Websites with links to many stimulus databases

Mike Tarr's excellent website with various types of stimuli

Database of various image types, mostly from computer vision sources (quality is mixed)

An older website with decent visual stimuli

Links to other lists of sound files (some links broken, some not so good)

Create your own stimuli

Put faces on other people's bodies

Morph faces

Morph faces with excellent software from Genemation

Make anaglyphs with Photoshop

For Mac users, record and manipulate voices easily using Garageband