Cognitive Neuropsychology Laboratory Meetings


INS 2012 Montreal, QC Canada

Greg Seidel presents his research on carotid stenosis, white matter disease, and cognition.

Joel Eppig examines clock drawing in people with MS.

Mary Iampietro explains the importance of visual episodic memory testing with the Biber-Glosser Figure Learning Test.


Neuropsychology on Ice!



Philadelphia Neuropsychology Society (PNS)

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INS 2010 Acapulco

Abbie presents her poster on the impact of cerebrovacular disease on the psychometric properties of neuropsychological tests.


                                           Abbie, Colette, and Tania enjoying the conference...  before heading o the beach.


Lab meeting in downtown Acapulco.


Lab meeting at the conference hotel.




Greg temporarily forgets all work deadlines and enjoys il mariachi!




INS 2009 Atlanta

Photos coming soon!

INS 2008 Hawaii

Laura MacMullen presents on error detection in schizophrenia.

Brianne Magouirk Bettcher presents her study on error detection in dementia. 


Katia Duey presents her work on the effect of Aricept on error detection and correction in dementia.

To cue or not to cue? Laura Brennan shows the effect of goal cues on everyday action in dementia. 



No sequence violations made by these young scientists!  Christine Nieves and Marykate Burke present their work on serial order errors in everyday tasks in dementia.

Krystle Karoscik presents her work on caregiver reports of everyday action impairment in dementia. 




Fall 2007 Annual What the %&@^# are you going to do with your life? Lab Meeting

Summer 2007 Annual Lab Party

February 2007 INS in Portland, Oregon

Katia Duey and Rachel Kessler show the effects of Aricept on everyday action performance.

Laura Brennan presents her work on the effect of goal cues on everyday action.

Brianne Magourik Bettcher presents on error detection and correction in people with dementia.

Rachel Kessler describes the efficacy of user-centered adaptation for people with schizophrenia.

After the conference...

Nicole Sestito, Maria Shultheis, and Joe Ricker

Emily and Nicole Sestito

Laura Brennan and Katia Duey (Maiko upper right corner)

Summer 2006

Neuropsychology Summer Seminar

Each week a recent article and a classic neuropsychology paper are discussed in our lab.  All are welcome!  Contact us for details.

May 17, 2006

Temple University College of Liberal Arts Awards

Laura Brennan was awarded the Bayne B. and Francis E. Iaacson Scholarship. Denene Wambach was awarded the Rose Kibrick Katz Student Advisor Award and the Political Science Merit Prize. Congratulations!

Laura Brennan produly shows her award.

Denene Wambach graduates with honors and numerous awards.

Spring 2006

Annual lab party

Spring 2005

Annual lab party