Current Lab Members


Tania Giovannetti, Ph.D.

Laboratory Director | Email:

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Graduate Students

Kathryn Devlin, B.S.

Graduate Student | Email:


Mary Iampietro, M.A.

Graduate Student | Email:

I am interested in examining differential neuropsychological functioning in children with cerebellar brain tumors and the relation of biomarkers and cognition in children with sickle cell disease. My clinical work is focused on pediatric neuropsychology, working with diverse pediatric populations in the medical setting. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and their wild and crazy children, being outdoors, frequenting many of Philly’s fantastic restaurants, and being a die-hard Phillies and Eagles fan.


Emma Rhodes, M.A.

Graduate Student | Email:




Gregory Seidel, M.A.

Graduate Student | Email:

I received my B.S. in German from Georgetown University. After brief careers in ESL teaching, language translation, and clinical research, I entered the Clinical Psychology Program at Temple in 2008. Now in in my fourth year, my research interests have focused on the relation between vascular pathology and cognition, and the contribution of changes in these processes to deficits in everyday action performance. My broader interests include neuropsychology, neuroanatomy, and cognitive aging.



Sarah Seligman, B.S.

Graduate Student | Email:

My research interests include the investigation of cognitive mechanisms underlying everyday action difficulties in dementia and mild cognitive impairment. Specifically, I am interested in establishing risk indicators for dementia disorders through the examination of visual behaviors during everyday action task performance. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and taking advantage of Philly’s music and restaurant scenes.



Colette Seter, M.A.

Graduate Student | Email:

I am currently studying whether people plan before conducting everyday actions, and if planning impacts performance. Specifically, I am interested in assessing planning in individuals with dementia, schziophrenia, and brain injury, in hopes that observations could be formulated into rehabilitation programs to enhance individuals quality of life. Also, I am interested in using and hopefully contributing to creating measures that accurately capture people's daily abilities and capabilities.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring Philadelphia, spending time with friends and family, watching television, and traveling.




Undergraduate Students


Dylan Ottemiller

Undergraduate Student | Email:

I am currently an undergraduate Psychology major, minoring in Art. As a research assistant, I am helping to collect data on planning before everyday actions to learn how planning influences performance. My future goal is to go to graduate school for Art Therapy. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, arts and crafts, running, playing handball, and spending time with family and friends.