CORP Fall 2014 Bulletin

October 31, 2014

Find the most recent issue of the CORP Bulletin for fall 2014 on the issue of public school finance in PA and an update on an arts funding partnership with the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. read more →

As part of the University Consortium to Improve Public School Finance and Promote Economic Growth, CORP released a Policy Brief on “Growth and Stability in Public School Revenue Sources: Can We Have Both?”  This report calls attention to the elasticity of property, sales, and incomes taxes, as well as their volatility along with a possible.. read more →

Registration for the next symposium on public school funding, “Funding Pennsylvania’s Public Schools: A Look Ahead” is now open.  This event is October 3, 2014 in Green Tree, PA just outside Pittsburgh, and is being co-sponsored with the University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics. Read more about the agenda for the program and register here. read more →

This spreadsheet supplements our Policy Brief explaining school district fund balances.  It shows all 500 school districts by the percentage their unassigned fund balances represent of their FY 2012-13 total expenditures, ranking them from largest to smallest.  Caution should be used in interpreting the significance of unassigned fund balances for individual districts based solely on.. read more →

View our most recent publication in a continuing series on Pennsylvania public school finance: POLICY BRIEF: Explaining School Fund Balances: Are PA Schools, with $4.3 Billion in Reserve Funds, Really Flush? Just the (Dry) Facts | August 2014   read more →

Find the newest issue of the CORP Bulletin on public education finance in PA as well as an extra piece adapted from Jamie Vollmer on the increasing educational burden on our public schools. read more →

Read CORP’s newest works on public school finance, both state and local share, and commentary on what we can learn from Pennsylvania’s history of funding public schools here. read more →

How Public School Funding Works in Pennsylvania – Or Doesn’t: What You Need to Know When: May 30, 2014, 9 am to 12 pm Where: Marriott West Hotel 111 Crawford Avenue West Conshohocken, PA 19428 Session I: “Funding Schools: What Pennsylvania Can Learn from Other States” Key Pennsylvania legislators and leaders will respond to a presentation.. read more →

Find the new issue of the CORP Bulletin on public education finance and public pensions here. read more →

Review CORP’s latest commentary on the school funding and pension crisis facing Philadelphia.  The statement, “How to Fund Schools and Public Pensions: A Path for Philadelphia, a Model for the State?” is now available here and under CORP’s publications. read more →