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Emily Abendroth received her M.A. in poetry from Temple in 2004. The title of her Masters thesis is Syzygy Fritz. Her poetic work has been published or is forthcoming in the Berkeley Poetry Review, the Pocket Myths Series (The Odyssey Edition), the Encyclopedia Project, The Book Unbound (an edited collection of essays and poetic explorations), and Cut & Paste. Additionally, her artwork and photography have been shown in various galleries and community centers across the U.S. and Canada including Milwaukee, San Francisco, Vancouver, New York City, Detroit and Chicago. She is co-curator of the Philadelphia-based Moles Not Molars reading series for experimental writers and artists, which seeks to put innovative textual projects into contact and dialogue with each other and their diverse audiences. She presently teaches literature and creative writing courses at Temple University and recently completed a stint working as a historical docent and tour guide at Eastern State Penitentiary.

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