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Creative Writing Alumni Update Instructions

If you are a Creative Writing master's alumnus, feel free to announce news, publicationss and events on our Facebook page.


If you wish to update your biographical note on our alumni page, please follow these style guidelines:

Begin with your full name in bold, followed by "received [his/her] [M.A./M.F.A.] in [poetry/fiction] in [year]," e.g., "Emily Abendroth received her M.A. in poetry in 2004." Thereafter, write the biographical note in third-person in complete sentences, not in shorthand. Use just one space between all sentences and words.

Italicize titles of books, chapbooks, and journals, as well as adjoining punctuation. In the titles, capitalize the first and last words, all important words, and any prepositions of four or more letters.

For em-dashes, use Shift-Option-hyphen (Macinstosh) or Ctrl-Alt-hyphen (Windows). Do not put a space before or after the em-dash.

Have everything in a single paragraph without line breaks. No more than 150 words.

Send the paragraph as a file attachment (either Microsoft Word or Rich-Text Format) to the email address below.

Please do not ask us to amend a phrase or sentence—send us the entire paragraph. Please give us at least two weeks to update your entry.


You might also contact the Temple University Alumni Association to make announcements to the broader university community.


Please go to the Temple University Creative Writing MFA page on Facebook for further information on the program, alums, and literary events in Philadelphia.

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