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State University of New York at Buffalo; Buffalo, NY; English; 1991-1998; February, 1998; Ph.D.
Brown University; Providence, RI; Creative Writing; 1985-1987; May, 1987; M.A. in Poetry and Playwriting
Oberlin College; Oberlin, OH; 1981-1985; May, 1985; B.A. in English and Creative Writing

Positions Held
Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing, Temple University (2004- )
Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, Temple University (1999-2004)
Faculty Associate, Language and Thinking Program, Bard College (Summer 2002)
Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, Ursinus College (1997-1999)

Day Recalls, artist’s book in collaboration with Judith Osborne (2005)
An Essay in Asterisks, Roof Books (New York: April 2004)
The Character, Beacon Press (Boston, MA: 1999)
Tableau Périodique des éléments Réagencé par le Dr. Jivago, Oculiste, Format Américain (l’École des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, France: 1998)
Jury, Meow Press (Buffalo, NY: 1996)
Amblyopia, Avenue B (Bolinas, CA: 1993)
Balance, Leave Books (Buffalo, NY: 1992)
Underwater Dive: Version One, Paradigm Press (Providence, RI: 1990)
Twelve Parts of Her, Burning Deck Press (Providence, RI: 1989)

Co-editor and co-founder of Chain Magazine with Juliana Spahr.
issue #1: gender and editing
issue #2: documentary
issue #3: hybrid genres (2 volumes)
issue #4: procedures
issue #5: different languages
issue #6: letters
issue #7: memoir/antimemoir
issue #8: comics
issue #9: dialogue
issue #10: translation
issue #11: public forms
issue #12: facts

Co-Editor, Chain Links Book Series with Juliana Spahr. 2006-

Editor of The Lab-Book, Poetics Program at SUNY Buffalo, 1992

“Paranomastic Migrations in the Poetry of Ronald Johnson” in Ronald Johnson: Life and Works, edited by Eric Selinger and Joel Bettridge. National Poetry Foundation. 2008.
"Is Poetry the News: The Poethics of the Found Text," in Jacket, April 2007.
“Gumshoe Poetry, or, A Poetics of Detection,” in Poetry and Pedagogy, ed. Joan Retallack and Juliana Spahr. Palgrave/MacMillan, 2005.
“Tracking a Poem in Time: The Shifting States of Anne Waldman’s ‘Makeup on Empty Space’,” in Jacket, April 2005.
“Leslie Scalapino in the Word Circus 2,” in Nerve Lantern, ed. Ellen Weiss. 2003.
“The Sweet Science of Decision Making,” in Mantis 3: A Journal of Poetry, Criticism and Translation, special issue on Poetry and Performance, ed. Sarah Hackenberg, Stanford University, 2003
“Whitman’s Influence on Modern Poetics” (co-authored) in Multitudes: The Journal of the Walt Whitman Arts Center, edited by Nick Patselas, Spring 2002.
“Procedural Poetry” in An Exaltation of Forms: Contemporary Poets Celebrate the Diversity of Their Art, ed. Annie Finch and Kathrine Varnes, University of Michigan Press, 2002.
“After Language Poetry,” in OEI, ed. Jesper Olsson, Sweden, 2002. (reprinted in English on-line at
“ ‘Multipile’ Functioning: Procedural Actions in the Poetry of Tina Darragh” in Telling it Slant, eds. Mark Wallace and Steven Marks, University of Alabama Press, 2001.
“Una nota editoriale: marcos referenciales” in Nerter: Una revista dedicada a la Literatura, el Arte y el Conocimiento, No. 1, Otona 1999, ed. Manuel Brito, Canary Islands.
“Corpsed Genres.” Chloroform: An Aesthetics of Critical Writing. eds. Nick Lawrence and Alisa Messer. University at Buffalo Poetics Program, 1997.
“The Line and the Arc: An Analogical Discussion of Kleist’s ‘On the Marionette Theatre’.” A Poetics of Criticism. eds. Juliana Spahr, Mark Wallace, Kristin Prevallet, Pam Rehm. Buffalo: Leave Books, 1994.

Anthologized Poetry and Plays
excerpts from “Twelve Parts of Her” in One Score More: The Second 20 Years of Burning Deck, eds. Alison Bundy, Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop, Burning Deck Press. 2003.
“Starred Together” in TheBest American Poetry 2002, edited by Robert Creeley, Scribner. 2002.
“Venice” in Novi Pesnicki Poredak: Antologija novije americke poezije, eds. Dubravka Djuri and Vladimir Kopicl, OKTOIH, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. 2001.
“The Parrot” in The Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative American Poetry, ed. Douglas Messerli, Sun & Moon Press. 1996.
"Face and Body" in NuMuse: New Plays from Brown University, ed. Aishah Rahman. 1995.
“Venice” and “over-painting” included in The Art of Practice: Forty-Five Contemporary Poets, eds. Dennis Barone and Peter Ganick. Potes and Poets Press. 1994.
“dead text, ” “Upbringing,” “Industry of Balloons,” “Odradek,” and “Lepsy” in Subliminal Time, ed. Leslie Scalapino. O Books. 1993.
“Ambiguities of Hyaline,” in Writing from the New Coast: Presentation, eds. Peter Gizzi and Juliana Spahr, O-blek Editions. 1993.
“Daily Life” in The LabBook, SUNY Buffalo Poetics Program. 1992.

Poetry in Journals
"Public Figures" (flash version), HOW2, vol. 3, issue 1.
Excerpts from “The Ring of Strategic Influence in The Baffler No. 17, 2006.
Excerpt from “Public Figures,” in American Letters & Commentary 18, 2006.
Excerpt from “Public Figures,” in LAB Magazine, 2006.
Excerpt from “Financial District,” in Hypercourt. 2005.
Excerpt from “The Franklin Party” and “Target” plus Norwegian translation, at
“To The Reader,” Hot Whiskey #1, 2006
Excerpt from “Equivocal,” Lipstick 11, 2005.
“Aphetic Lexer Knot” American Letters & Commentary, 2005.
excerpts from “Memory Error Theater,” Pequod, 2004.
excerpts from “Memory Error Theater,” translated into French by Vincent Broqua and Olivier Brossard, Arsenal, 2003.
“Les Doubles,” translated into French by Jean Charles Depaule, Issue, #4, 2003
excerpts from “Memory Error Theater,” Van Gogh’s Ear, 2003.
“Bowdlerizer,” Bombay Gin, 2003.
“Financial District,” Rattapallax, 2003.
“Sculpture Park,” Five Fingers Review, 2002.
excerpt from “The Ring of Strategic Influence” and “Perimetry (Tarkovsky’s Stalker),” Ecopoetics, 2002.
“Louvre IV,” Washington Square, 2002.
“Dropping Leaflets,” Enough, 2002
excerpts from “Novel of Nowhere,” Verse, 2002.
“Court Reports: Compass Points,” Poets & Poems, osman.html, 2002.
excerpts from “Press Scrutiny: Doubles,” Issue, 2002.
“Flag of my Disposition,” 5_Trope,, 2002.
excerpts from “Press Scrutiny: Doubles,” XCP: Cross-Cultural Poetics, 2001.
“Boxing Captions,” Conjunctions 35, 2001.
“Essay in Asterisks,” “Sensory,” “Starred Together,” Hambone, 2001
“Adrift, What If” and “Errant Air,” Lit #2, 2000
excerpts from “The Periodic Table as Assembled by Dr. Zhivago, Oculist,” Verse vol. 16, #3;vol. 17, #1, 2000.
“Portrait,” American Poetry Review (Philly Edition), 1999.
excerpts from “Court Reports,” HOW2, vol. 1 #2: /v1_2_1999/current/new-writing/osman.html, 1999
“Grand Central,” Rhizome #2, 1999.
“The Character,” Conjunctions #28, 1997.
“Mac Lowian Laughter,” Crayon: Special issue on Jackson Mac Low, 1997.
“The Periodic Table as Assembled by Doctor Zhivago, Oculist,” “The Detective” (sound file of a radio play), Electronic Poetry Center, 1997.
“The Shadows of Equivocation and the Press Scrutiny Board,” The Germ #1, 1997.
translations of two poems by Christophe Tarkos, Raddle Moon Fall 1997.
“Character Derive” “Industry of Balloons” “Hydra Village,” Avec #8, 1995.
“Authorities (A Lecture),” Chain #2, 1995.
“Appendix,” Kiosk #8, 1995.
“The Drivers,” Re*Map #3, 1995.
“Circuit Carver,” Kiosk #7, 1994.
“Expedition VII” from Stray Plenum, 13th Moon vol. XII, nos. 1 & 2, 1994.
“prologue” and “Expedition V” from Stray Plenum, Hambone #10, 1992.
“Upbringing,” O-blek #11, 1992.
“sands,” “the parrot: distinction of awkward shape, allure of deep color,” “‘imposition of agility’ (notes on the definition of ‘capture’),” Avec #4, 1991.
“Ellerby’s Observatory,” Abacus #51, 1990.
“Town,” Avec #3, 1990.
excerpts from “Photos of that family and subsequent treatise,” Hole Magazine #1, 1990.
excerpts from Amblyopia, O-blek #8, 1990.
“Diary,” Tyuonyi #8, 1990.
“As the Crow Flies” written in collaboration with Ann Lauterbach, Tyuonyi #11, 1990.
“Through the Silent Screen,” Writing #25, 1990.
“in the veils,” “Venice,” “nineteen-thirties,” Big Allis #2, 1989.
“small system,” Central Park #15, 1989.
“over-painting,” Notus vol. 4, no. 2, 1989.
“Harlequin,” “Alchemy,” O-blek #5, 1989.
“Dialogue on the Locative Case,” Tyuonyi #5, 1989.
“Hill Where,” “Starting Point,” “Buying a House,” Tyuonyi #4, 1988.

"Target," with composer Keeril Makan. Performed at Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, Sunday October 10, 2004.
The new music ensemble Newspeak ( toured this piece in the Northeast in 2005.

Grants and Awards
Pew Fellowship in the Arts, 2006
Temple Summer Research Award, 2006
Regional Fellow, Penn Humanities Forum, 2005-2006
Artist Residency Fellowship, MacDowell Colony, 2008, 2005, 2002, 1990, 1988
Individual Artist Fellowship, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, 2004
Temple Presidential Research Incentive Summer Fellowship, Summer 2003
Artist Residency, La Napoule Foundation (Mandelieu, France), Feb.-March, 2003
Temple Research and Study Leave, 2002-3
Temple Grant-in-Aid for Research, 2002
Interdisciplinary Research Grant, Temple University, 2001-2002
Artist Residency, Djerassi Foundation (Woodside, CA), July 2001
Artist Residency, Ragdale Foundation (Lake Forest, IL), August 2000.
Temple Summer Research Fellowship, 2000
Temple Grant-in-Aid for Research, 2000
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (for Chain Magazine), 2000-2001
National Endowment for the Arts (for Chain Magazine), 2000
Fund for Poetry Award, 1999, 1995
Barnard College New Women Poets Prize, 1998
Artist Residency, Blue Mountain Center (Blue Mountain Lake, NY), 1998
Just Buffalo Literary Center Western New York Writer-in-Residence Award, 1996
Gertrude Stein Award in Innovative American Poetry, 1996
Gregory Kolovakas Seed Grant from CLMP for Chain, 1995
National Endowment for the Arts grant recipient in poetry, 1991
New York Foundation for the Arts grant recipient in poetry, 1991


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