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  Alan Singer

Anderson 916

Alan Singer's novels include, The Ox-Breadth, The Charnel Imp, Memory Wax, Dirtmouth, and, most recently, The Inquisitor's Tongue. His work has appeared in Western Humanities Review, TriQuarterly, Lazarus Review, and Golden Handcuff's Review.

Professor Singer has published three works in the area of literary theory and aesthetics: A Metaphorics of Fiction: Discontinuity and Discourse in the Modern Novel, The Subject As Action: Transformation and Totality in Narrative Aesthetics and Aesthetic Reason: Artworks and the Deliberative Ethos, a defense of the cognitive value of aesthetic experience. A new work, The Self-Deceiving Muse: Notice and Knowledge in the Work of Artwill appear in 2010. Professor Singer has also co-edited a volume entitled Literary Aesthetics: A Reader.

Aside from fiction workshops, Professor Singer teaches courses in literary aesthetics, critical theory, the history of criticism, and the history of the novel. Recent courses taught have included "Epochs of Literary Criticism," "Contemporary Literary Criticism," Literary Aesthetics," "Value and Transgression in Literary Form," "Interiority: The Literary Self After Enlightenment," and "On Literary Modernity."

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