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The program strongly encourages all students interested in studying Chinese to spend a summer or a semester or an entire academic year studying the language in China. There is a wide variety of study-abroad opportunities open to undergraduates. Some are tailored to the interests of specific academic programs. Others are designed for students in general. Over the years students have participated in programs in a number of Chinese cities including Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Taipei. Anyone interested in finding out how to make the necessary arrangements to study abroad should contact the International Programs Office. Students interested in discussing some of the programs open to them in China should feel free to contact the Chinese Program.


Students' lives in China

Student's Name: Yufan Chen

      Ni hao. My name is Yufan Chen, and I'm a student at Temple University majoring in Finance and International Business. I studied abroad in Shanghai, China for the Fall '09 semester, and to say it was amazing would be a total understatement. While living there I attended a language intensive course for Mandarin, and 3 other business courses, which allowed me to continue acquiring credits towards my majors, but still leaving me more than enough time to explore and take in the culture. During my stay there, I got to try many of the local cuisines as well as meet plenty of interesting people. The native Chinese people there are also very interested and drawn to foreigners, so it's really easy to meet new friends and not feel too intimidated even if your skills in speaking mandarin aren't quite fluent yet.

      During my stay in China, I was fortunate enough to go to many different cities, including, but not limited to, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Hai Nan Dao, and Guangzhou. One of the great things about traveling to China, is that everything is so much cheaper over there, so that even for those students who might be on a tighter budget the expense of living and traveling still allows them to see the sites and travel all around the country. I enjoyed my semester there so much, that I ended up staying for the summer and leasing out an apartment with a couple friends for 3 months. During the summer I was able to travel a lot more, and to help support some of the living expenses, I took on a job tutoring and teaching English. Overall, studying abroad in China has so far been the experience of my life, and I would do it again even if it meant graduating a whole semester later, because trading an extra semester of school for such an experience is more than worth it.


9 horses

Boat in Yangshuo


My Chinese roommate


Coconut hot spring


HongKong stock exchange

Me and Sandi

Me and Yahya

Me and Stefi


Monkey Island


MOTO Sanyang



Peach Blossom

Rice Terrace

Rice Terrance SUFE

Rock in out Red Beat


Washing socks

World Trade Expo


Yangshuo Noodles



Student's Name: Bonnie Chen

      My name is Bonnie Chen, and I am a Biology major at Temple University. In the summer of 2009, I studied Chinese in Shanghai, China, at Fudan University. I wanted to learn the language and culture of my parents and found no better way than to learn it in China. Although I wanted to learn Cantonese (the dialect I speak), Mandarin was what I was taught. Mandarin is the common speech in China so learning it was more beneficial

      Going to Shanghai was what I expected and more. Everyday was like an adventure for me. Making friends, getting to school, ordering food, the nightlife, going into the beautiful inner city, taxis, having a gorgeous roommate, and traveling were probably my favorite parts of my experience in China. I made new friends daily. My classes were intense but I learned Chinese in a way Temple could not offer back at the States.

      I did have doubts about going out of my comfort zone and into such a different environment. It was worth it! To experience another culture was like being on another planet. Everything was new and freaky but interesting at the same time. I climbed the Great Wall, watched people eat weird things. Best of all everything was in price range and if it was not you would make it so by bargaining. I was not that good at it but I made local friends that were. My experiences of KTV and peace sign picture taking with my local friends will never be forgotten. If you want to learn the language, see the history of ancient China, make more friends, have the time of your life, shop till you drop, eat amazing food then China is the place to be. I know I can’t wait to go back.



The is Bella, my Chinese roommate.


Learning to make dumplings.



At the Emperor’s Tomb in Beijing, but I’m on a statue of a camel

At the birds nest


A night out with friends at M2


Finally making it to the top, we reward ourselves with magnum ice cream bars

Zhao Lao Shi and class on a cruise around the city of Shanghai

Student's Name: My Huynh

      My first visit to China in 2005 changed my perspectives and inspired me to explore more about the culture, people and development of the emerging global powerhouse. Feeling handicapped by my inability to speak, read, and write the language I returned to the USA after my summer vacation with a new motivation. Learning Chinese has become an intricate part of my life. Even after multiple emersion trips to China I still find myself embracing the energy and wonders of the country each and every single time I return. My most recent in 2009, a Chinese Critical Language Scholarship with the U.S. Department of State brought me to study in Harbin, China. Unlike the more worldly know cities like Beijing and Shanghai, Harbin offers a more laid back lifestyle, while still encompassing the values and livelihood of traditional China with a twist of modernity and Russian architecture. Studying in Harbin allowed me to sharpen my Chinese skills without the interference and obstacles often encountered when in large Chinese cities. I say this because international cities possess more tourists and tended to be more tourist friendly, thus surrounded by more English. From my exchanges in Harbin, I highly recommend this city for future Chinese pursuers.

Beer Fest

Beijing Dirt Market

Beijing Opera

Big cup


Chinese host University- Heilongjiang University

Commercial Development Zone

Good eats, fresh from the lake


Harbin's famous St. Sophia Cathedra

Hot Air Lantern

Spicy and sou

Sugar Art


Shopping Mall in Shanghai

Spicy good eats

Sun Island

Wu Da Lian Chi, China's most well preserved volcano site


Laolongtou---the beginning of the Great Wall