The Department’s annual Awards Luncheon celebrates excellence by honoring our undergraduate and graduate students for their achievement in excellence and their distinction through outstanding performance and diligence. Faculty members are also recognized for outstanding teaching and research.

Excellence in Leadership and Contribution to the Omicron Delta Epsilon/Economics Society
Dr. Donald Wargo, ODE Advisor
Nicole Rothschild
Tedi Kotori

Recognition of ODE Officers
Nicole Rothschild – President
Nwakaego O. Isamah – Vice President
Tedi Kotori – Chief Consultant
Naveen Khan – Finance Chair
Samuel J. Ventola – Public Relations
Alexander L. Drust – Programming
Mark J. DeLeo – Outreach
Zackary Arnold – TES Consultant
Julia Kleinhans – Fundraising

Economics Undergraduate Awards

Dr. William Holmes, Undergraduate Advisor

Distinction in the Economics Major
Benjamin Barclay
P. Stuart Case
Kyle Chamberlin
Christopher Conrad
Andrew Gallin
Amelia Garrett
Bryan Hessert
Sumair Irfan

Nicole Rothschild
Iain Sharples
Rafael Salinas-Witkosky
Mathew Thachet
Katarzyna Tomasik
Sarah E. Wright-Tamulski
Leann Ziobro

Distinction in the Mathematical Economics Major
Rachel Snyder

Highest GPA by a FSBM Student Majoring in Economics
Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Sene

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees
Andrew Gallin
Sumair Irfan

Rose Kibrick Katz Student Advisor Award
Bryan Hessert

The Sun Excellence in Writing Prize
Dr. Erwin  A. Blackstone
Amelia Garrett
Sumair Irfan
Elisheva Stern

Honorable Mention:
Erin Obzarny
Rokhsana Hossain

The Norman and Ruth Sun Memorial Awards
P. Stuart Case
Christopher Conrad
Amelia Garrett
Yilin Guo
Sumair Irfan
Katarzyna Tomasik
Sarah E. Wright-Tamulski

Economics Graduate Program Awards

Dr. Michael Leeds, Director

Outstanding Performance by a Pre-Generals
Ph.D. Student Recipient
Adam L. Lavallee

Outstanding performance by an MA Student
Cheng Yang

Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student
Nathan E. Blascak

Outstanding Teaching Assistant
Jason Keegan

Outstanding Adjunct Teacher Award
Edward Tomczyk

Outstanding  Graduate Teacher of the Year Award
Dr. Dimitrios I. Diamantaras

Recognition of Outstanding Research in the Department of Economics
Dr. Andrew Buck and George Lady “Structural Models, Information and InheritedRestrictions”, Economic Modeling