The Department’s annual Awards Luncheon celebrates excellence by honoring our undergraduate and graduate students for their achievement in excellence and their distinction through outstanding performance and diligence. Faculty members are also recognized for outstanding teaching and research. The 2016 luncheon was held on April 27, 2016. The program follows. Photos from the Luncheon can be seen here.

Opening Remarks

Dr. Michael Bognanno, Chair

Student Professional Development Award

Presented by Dr. Donald Wargo

Sheila Watkins
Regional Commissioner of Philadelphia
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Leadership Award for Contributions to Temple Economics Society

Presented by Dr. Donald Wargo, TES Advisor 

TES Officers

Matisse Z. Dang, Co-President
Matthew R. Walsh, Co-President
Adrian D. Dolinay, TES Liaison
Daniel J. McLaughlin, Dir of Jobs and Outreach
Nosariemen Nosakhare, Dir of Membership/Finance
Franck S. Ouattara, Dir of Social Media/Marketing
Jared S. Rosenberg, Dir of Jobs and Outreach
Benjamin P. Salzer, Associate Dir of Jobs/Outreach

Undergraduate Program Awards

Presented by Dr. William Holmes, Undergraduate Advisor

CLA Distinction in Major

Rogelio Ayllon Castaneda
Esmeralda Hajdinaj
Paul J. Morris
Ammy T. Nguyen
Alexander R. Nudd
Ian R. Pasture
Francis J. Spano

Highest GPA by a Fox Student Majoring in Economics

Brian Wiktorchik

Phi Beta Kappa Inductee

Yeahuay Wu

Martha Lavallee-Williams Study Abroad Award

Maria Papacostas

The Norman and Ruth Sun Award in Writing

Presented by Dr. Erwin Blackstone, Director of the Undergraduate Program

Martin M. Miscianga, for “Macroeconomic Theories for Variation in Used Car Prices”
James E. Mormando, for “Marginal Revenue Product of the 2005-2014 Philadelphia Phillies”

The Norman and Ruth Sun Memorial Award

Thomas Montalbano
Benard Petosa
Francis Spano

Recognition of Dr. Bognanno’s six years of service as Department Chair

Presented by Dr. Dimitrios Diamantaras, Director of the Graduate Program

Graduate Program Awards

Presented by Dr. Dimitrios Diamantaras, Director of the Graduate Program

Outstanding Performance by an M.A. Student

Elson O. Blunt

Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student

Nathan Blascak
Kabir Dasgupta

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

You Du

Students Who Successfully Defended Their Dissertation:

Keshar M. Ghimire, “Essays in Labor Economics”, dissertation advisor Professor Douglas Webber
Paul Marmora, “Essays on Information Acquisition in Assets Pricing”, dissertation advisor Professor Moritz Ritter

Faculty Awards

Presented by Dr. Michael Bognanno, Chair

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching by a Full-time Faculty Member

Professor Douglas Webber

Outstanding Service by a Faculty Member

Professor William L. Holmes

Outstanding Research Paper by a Faculty Member

Professor Dai Zusai