NABE Policy Meeting
Washington, DC
By Vincent Dimichele, Temple Economics Society

On February 26th, the Temple Economics Society set out for the Annual NABE conference. As a younger member of TES I was unsure of what to expect, but I went in with an open-mind. By the end of the day I was highly impressed with the conference. I was able to gain more perspective of the economic climate of the real world by listening to multiple speeches from economists. One speaker that stood out to me was Finch Fulton, a member of the U.S. department of transportation. He spoke about the impact of automated vehicles in transportation, which I thought was interesting because it was an application of economics that is tied in with a future concept. Fulton said that he expects vehicle automation to be a normal transportation mode in the coming years and he laid out possible policy that would need to come along with it. Another speaker that I found intriguing was Allen Blue, the co-founder of Linkedin. He helped present on the topic of matching skills as it relates to future labor demand. This piqued my interest because of the fact that it relates to the work-force, which I will be entering after my time here at Temple. Being college students ourselves, it was in all of our best interests to pay close attention to this presentation. We also had free time in between sessions where groups of economists had the chance to present research. I especially appreciated this portion of the event because it gave us the opportunity to learn more about how research in economics is conducted. I liked it for that reason, as well as the fact that we had the chance to meet many interesting people from the event. It is my belief that NABE is an important event to attend for anyone that is interested in economics. I feel that with the completion of my first NABE conference, my appreciation for economics has become more valuable, both inside and outside of the classroom.