The Economics Department is home to more than 300 undergraduate majors, over 50 graduate students in the MA and Ph.D. Programs and over 20 full-time faculty members. The mission of the Department of Economics is to provide a program of study in economics that fosters the intellectual growth of our undergraduate and graduate students, cultivates a stimulating research environment for the faculty, enhances the scholarship of the University, contributes to the field of economics and employs the analytical tools of the discipline to help resolve the social problems of our time. Undergraduate students gain an understanding of economics that provides a foundation useful in further undergraduate and graduate study and in their careers. Graduate students gain in-depth knowledge that provides for professional success in academics, industry, and government. The Department strives for an environment that stimulates excellence in scholarship, teaching and service.

The study of economics is excellent preparation for a wide range of careers. Economics majors with bachelor’s degrees are well prepared to be managers and leaders in both the public and private sectors. Training in economics at the undergraduate level also provides a solid basis for professional study in law, business, public administration, and the health sciences. College graduates who majored in economics rank highly in terms of compensation nationally.

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