Dai Zusai

Professor Dai ZusaiAssistant professor

881 (004-04) Ritter Annex
1301 Cecil B Moore Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122


Game theory,  Microeconomic theory,  Evolutionary dynamics,  Bounded rationality, Learning in games, Industrial organization


Dai Zusai joined the department in the fall of 2011. He received his BA and a MA in economics from the University of Tokyo and his MSc and PhD in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focuses on microeconomic theory and game theory, particularly evolutionary dynamics of boundedly rational agents and theory of product market competition and financial contracts.

Selected Publications

  • Tempered Best Response Dynamics, mimeo, Temple University, 2012.
  • Excess Liquidity against Predation, DETU Working Paper, 12-01, Temple University, 2012.

Courses Taught

  • Graduate: Mathematics for Economists I, Microeconomic Theory I