Michael Leeds

Professor Michael LeedsProfessor
Economics Department Chair

831 Ritter Hall Annex
1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Philadelplhia, Pennsylvania 19122


Economics of Sports, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics


Michael Leeds, Chair of the Economics Department, has been at Temple University since September 1982. His research has appeared in such journals as The Journal of Urban Economics, Economic Inquiry, Social Science Quarterly, and The Journal of Sports Economics. Peter von Allmen and he are coauthors of The Economics of Sports, a prominent textbook in the field. He is co-editor, with Eva Marikova Leeds of The Handbook on the Economics of Women in Sport. His current research includes work on the economics of baseball in Japan and gender differences in the response to economic contests. From 2007 to 2009, he was an Assistant Dean at Temple University Japan.

Selected Publications


  • Leeds, M. A. and P. von Allmen. (2014) The Economics of Sports, Boston: Addison Wesley, Fifth Edition.
  • Leeds, E.M. and M.A. Leeds, editors (2013). Handbook on the Economics of Women’s Sports, London: Edward Elgar.

Chapters in Books

  • Leeds, M.A. and S. Sakata (2014) In Fort, Rodney and Young-Hoon Lee, editors, The sports Business in the Pacific Rim. “Professional Sports Teams as Advertisements: The Case of Nippon Professional Baseball.” New York: Springer Verlag
  • Booth, R. and M.A. Leeds (2013). In Eva Marikova Leeds and Michael A. Leeds, editors, Handbook on the Economics of Women’s Sports, “Participation in Women’s Sport in Australia,” London: Edward Elgar.
  • Leeds, E.M. and M.A. Leeds (2013). In Eva Marikova Leeds and Michael A. Leeds, editors, Handbook on the Economics of Women’s Sports, “Do Men and Women Respond Differently to Economic Contests? The Case of Men’s and Ladies’ Figure Skating,” London: Edward Elgar.
  • Humphreys, Brad, Michael A. Leeds, and Peter von Allmen, (2012). In Hoyt, Gail and KimMarie McGoldrick, (Eds.) The International Handbook on Teaching and Learning Economics. “Sports Economics as Applied Microeconomics.” London: Edward Elgar.
  • Leeds, Eva Marikova and Michael A. Leeds, (2012). In Leo Kahane and Stephen Shmanske, (Eds.) Oxford Handbook of Sports Economics, “Event Analysis.” Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Leeds, E.M. and M.A. Leeds (forthcoming) Monopsony Power in the Labor Market of Nippon Professional Baseball, Managerial and Decision Economics.
  • Sullivan, C. and M.A. Leeds (2016) Will the Games Pay? An Event Analysis of the 2020 Summer Olympics Announcement on Stock Markets in Japan, Spain, and Turkey. Applied Economics Letters 23(12), August: 880-883.
  • Banko, L., E.M. Leeds, and M.A. Leeds (2016) “Coming Back: Gender Differences in Response to Negative Outcomes,” Social Science Quarterly 97(2) June: 161-176.
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  • Leeds, Michael A. and Sumi Sakata (2012). Take Me Out to the Yakushiai: Determinants of Attendance at Baseball Games in Japan. Journal of Sports Economics, 13(1), 34-52.

Courses Taught

  • Economics 1101 (Principles of Macroeconomics)
  • Economics 1102 (Principles of Microeconomics)
  • Economics 3541 (Economics of Sports)
  • Econ 3546 (Women in the Economy)
  • Economics 5001 (Managerial Economics – MBA)
  • Economics 8104 (Labor Economics – Graduate)