William Lynn Holmes

Professor William Lynn HolmesAssociate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator

804 Ritter Annex
1301 Cecil B Moore Avee
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122


Social behavior, Rational-choice models


Holmes joined the Economics Department at Temple after completing his doctoral studies in quantitative economics at the University of Illinois, Urbana. Over the years, he has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in mathematical economics, micro-economic theory, and international economics. He developed and taught a course in the economic foundations of social behavior. Currently, he is focusing on teaching international trade.

He is also currently the Undergraduate Academic Coordinator for the Economics Department. In that role, he serves as the Faculty Undergraduate Student Adviser and handles administrative matters related to changes in the undergraduate program and course offerings.

Selected Publications

He has published in several Economics Journals, including: the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Southern Economic Journal, and the Western Economic Journal.

Courses Taught

  • International Trade