William Newman

Bill NewmanAssistant Professor- Instructional

1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Ritter Annex 806 (004-04)
Philadelphia, PA 19122


Market structure, Pricing, Incremental cost analysis


Mr. William M. Newman (Bill) was appointed Assistant Professor of Economics in 2014. He had been an adjunct instructor of economics at Temple since 2006. Bill has an MA in Economics from Temple University, where he has completed all coursework for a Ph.D. specializing in Econometrics and Industrial Organization.

Bill’s background includes a successful career as a microeconomist in the telecommunications industry, and as an expert witness testifying to microeconomic issues including competition, pricing, costs and market share in numerous proceedings in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. He also developed syndicated data products that have been used by the major telecommunications companies, the FCC and the Department of Justice in addressing telecommunications issues.

Publications and Industry Reports

  • Reality Check on Bill and Keep, Cellular Business, February 1997
  • Reality of “bill & keep’, America’s Network, January 1997
  • Economic Impact of Deregulating U.S. Communications Industries, with Jerry Hausman, Larry Vanston and Robert Harris, The WEFA Group, February 1995
  • The Telecommunications Industry – Rapid Change and Rapid Growth, with Mohsen Bonakdarpour and Paul Rappoport, The WEFA Group, U.S. Industry Outlook, January 1994
  • Economic Impact of Eliminating the Line-of-Business Restrictions on the Bell Companies, with Bruce Egan, Rick Emmerson, Paul Rappoport and Lester Taylor, The WEFA Group, July 1993

Courses Taught

  • Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Principles
  • Intermediate Microeconomics,
  • The American Economy