Our graduates’ books have been published by trade and small presses and cover all genres; their works have won grants, prizes, and residencies. Many have earned Ph.D.’s in English and Creative Writing and are now professors. Our graduates have gone on to become librarians, editors, arts administrators, journalists, and more. Temple University Creative Writing alumni continue to make important contributions to the contemporary literary scene.This list covers some of the achievements of students who have graduated from Temple’s graduate program in Creative Writing.

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Emily Abendroth

Samuel Allingham

Kevin Armitage

Alicia Askenase

Justin Audia

Rachel Tzvia Back

Vashti Bandy

David Baratier

Laura Bardwell

Eduardo Bechara

Charles Bechtel

Kim Bernstein

Kenneth Bingham

Holly Bittner

Janet Bland

Julia Blumenreich

Robin Blyn

Lisa Borders

Daniel Bouchard

Jeremiah Bowen

Alexander L. Bove, III

Christopher Bowers

Andrew Brenza

Graham Callaghan

Richard Cappuccio

Matthew Chambers

Lisbeth (Betsy) Chapin

Joseph A. Chelius

Conna Clark

Barbara Cole

Mary Angela Coleman

David Comdico

Bradford Ray Connaster

Kyle Conner

Liz Corcoran

Sonja Crafts

Phillip L. Cunningham

Joanne Dahme

Ian Davisson

Pia Deas

Donald Deeley

Albert DiBartolomeo

Steve Dolph

Sarah Dowling

Daniel Driscoll

Ryan Eckes

Quinn Eli

Alfred Encarnacion

Shinelle Espaillat

Robert Fitterman

Clare Keefe Foster

Valerie Fox

Seth Frechie

Miriam Fried

Frank Fucile

Marylou Fusco

Boi-Lucia Gbaya-Kanga

Maurizio Giammarco

Nick Gillespie

Laura Goldstein

William Gonch

Lee Gough

Declan Gould

Karen Greenspan

Keith Gumery

Bernice Hamel

Eric Hamilton

Karen Hannah

Jahmae Harris

Kabi Hartman

Jeremy Hauck

Eddie Hopely

Nate House

Katie Ionata

Laura Jaramillo

Quincy Scott Jones

Adrian Khactu

Alex Kudera

Andrea Lawlor

Gregory Laynor

Teresa Leo

Michael Leone

Timothy Leonido

Karin Lin-Greenberg

Elisa Ludwig

Kelly Lundgren Pietrucha

Julia MacDonnell

Joy Manning

Mary Ann Mannino

James L. Maynard

Andrew McCann

Pattie McCarthy

Alexander Charles McAulay

Lia McCoskey

Chris McCreary

Kelly McQuain

Megan Milks

Cathleen Miller

Sarah Morrison

Andrew Mossin

Ian Mount

Richard Moyer

Kate Musselman

Meera Nair

Laura Neuman

Joel Nichols

Ryan Nowlin

Jimmy J. Pack, Jr.

Frank Portella

Carlos Queirós

Jim Quinn

Elizabeth Raby

Jeff Reichman

Deborah Richards

Don Riggs

Michael Rizza

Danny Romero

Brita Sauer

Christopher Schaeffer

Eric Schoeniger

Jason Schossler

Debra Leigh Scott

Kerry Sherin (Wright)

Duncan Regan

Emily Skaja

Ilana Stanger-Ross

Chris Stroffolino

Mecca Sullivan

August Tarrier

Michelangelo Tata

Heather Thomas

Billie Travalini

Thomas Trudgeon

Jeanette Tryon

Kevin Varrone

Divya Victor

Christopher Wagenseller

Deborah Warner

William Wartman

Phyllis Wat

Carla Willard

Yolanda (Johnson) Wisher

MaryAlice Yakutchik

Joseph Yearous-Algozin

John Zilcosky

Magdalena Zurawski