Dear Fiction Writers,

We have four faculty members who teach fiction in our program, and we have different specialties: literary fiction, experimental fiction, social realism. We believe it’s helpful for our students to encounter such varied approaches, aesthetics, and perspectives, since it leads to their finding their own voice, and we encourage our students to take a workshop with each of us during their time at Temple.

Our curriculum also includes a craft class in fiction, special topics courses that range from journal editing to nonfiction writing, and a tutorial in the second year, in which students work one-on-one with a resident faculty member.

A visiting fiction writer comes to campus every year, meeting in individual conferences with second-year students about their manuscripts, sitting in on workshops, and giving a reading. In addition, we usually have three other fiction writers reading each year in the program’s Poets and Writers series.

We’re often asked by applicants if we allow genre work in workshops. In general, students may write stories or books that play with and try to subvert or reinvent genre conventions. But we want them to do so with the ambition of meeting or exceeding the standards that we would expect in any piece of good writing, meaning that it is well crafted and imbued with depth and nuance and texture.

Temple has several financial aid packages available to eligible candidates, including Teaching Assistantships and University Fellowships, which cover full tuition, health benefits, and a stipend. Students on TAships teach in Temple’s first-year writing program, and may also choose to teach introductory creative writing workshops in their third or fourth semester. We are able to fund, on average, 40% of our students.

The priority deadline for applications is December 15. Please refer to the admission page on this website.


The Fiction Faculty