Assistant Professor of InstructionEunsook Rhee
(215) 204-1726
924 Anderson Hall
1114 Polett Walk


First Year Writing (English as a Second Language)


Eunsook Ha Rhee specializes in second language writing. Her special interest is in maximizing the strength of diversity in ESL writing classes. She does her best to help students utilize their linguistic, literacy, and cultural backgrounds as assets while they learn norms and practices of academic discourse, complete collaborative work in and out of class, and thus grow as critical thinkers and writers. As a teacher who had eight-year tutoring experience at the University Writing Center, she also helps her students from different disciplines understand multiple reader expectations which differ across genres of papers, instructors, courses, and disciplines. In recognition of her teaching endeavor, she received Outstanding Instructor Award many times and Marlene Smigel Korn Humanitarian Award for the Greatest Humanitarian Contribution in the Areas of Teaching, Scholarship or Service. She was inducted into the “Teaching Hall of Fame” in the First-Year Writing Program in fall 2012.

She is also interested in helping faculty understand the nature of ESL students and principles of pedagogy derived from TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Related to her academic interest, she held workshops for new teaching assistants in the university-wide conferences in 2005 and 2006; she has offered presentations in the FYW Orientation since 2010. She served on the Ad Hoc Committee for International Student Support in the spring semester of 2012. With the committee members, she identified challenges faced by ESL students and university faculty and suggested possible solutions. In summer 2013, she co-designed the Summer ESL Seminar for FYW and Mosaic instructors in their work with ESL students and was co-leading eight seminars.

Selected Publications

  • “Collision and Negotiation of My Identities in the TESOL Graduate Program.” Reinventing Identities in Second Language Writing. Eds. Michelle Cox, Jay Jordan, Christina Ortmeier-Hooper, & Gwen Gray Schwartz. NCTE, 2010. 96-103. Print.
  • “Complexities and Dynamics of Korean Graduation Students’ Textual Borrowing in Academic Writing.” Diss. Temple University, 2010. Print.

Courses Taught

  • English 0711: Introduction to Academic Discourse (ESL)
  • English 0812: Analytical Reading and Writing (ESL)
  • Summer Seminar for First Year Writing and Intellectual Heritage Instructors