Introduction to Academic Discourse

English 0701 focuses on writing within a single theme and disciplinary approach. Students’ final portfolios include four sequenced assignments, journal entries, and peer critiques. One typical syllabus guides students through a semester-long series of readings and writing assignments about gender. Revision is emphasized. English 0701 is, in principle, a course which requires multiple drafts of papers from students, and works on building critical reading and writing skills. The focus of the course is to prepare students for success in the kinds of academic reading and writing they will be asked to do in the University.

You can see sample syllabi for English 0701 here  and here (docx.) (You will need Microsoft Word, or a Microsoft Word Viewer to access this file.)

We wish to invite students to become members of the academic community (rather than its audience or object).  Developing critical reading and writing skills, as well as showing students the importance of accuracy and context when using textual evidence in their own papers, are the key aims of the course.

By the end of the semester, English 0701 students must demonstrate ability to: organize ideas in a coherent manner; connect multiple texts through an issue or an idea; draw points out of a text; and write a reasonably error-free paper. That is, error should not intrude upon the intended meaning or fall outside the parameters of acceptable first-year writing.

In English 0701, students:

  • Learn to process college-level texts, including the development of contextual understanding.
  • Read, discuss, and sometimes cite the work of their fellow students
  • Become familiar with academic genres.
  • Learn to write papers that are reasonably error-free by concentrating on problems in grammar, mechanics, and usage.
  • Do multiple revisions of their papers.
  • Incorporate previous work into new assignments.