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Handouts from GEA Workshops & Seminars

    10/8/10 Hacking Grad School (useful research software and websites)

    4/28/08 Exam Prep Strategies

    4/7/11 Tips on Academic Publishing

Recommended Books

    Advice for New Faculty Members
    Getting It Published

    Ms. Mentor's Impeccable Advice for Women in Academia

    A Guide to Professional Development For Graduate Students in English
            By: Cindy Moore and Hildy Miller; Published by The National Council for

            Teachers of English (NCTE) 2006

Recommended Websites

    MLA's Career Resources: Especially helpful is the section "Information and Guidelines for

            Jobseekers," which includes dos and don'ts for interviews, an articles on what search committees

            want, etc.
     Association of Departments of English Job Information List: This is where all the new jobs are posted

            each fall.  Temple has a subscription that we can all use.  See Sharon for our username and