Ph.D. 2014


Namorah Byrd

Dissertation: The Presence and Use of the Native American Oral Trickster Tradition in Zitkala-Sa’s Old Indian Legends and American Indian Stories, and the Presence and Use of the African American Oral Trickster Tradition in Charles Chesnutt’s The Conjure Woman.

Job Placement: Associate Professor of Developmental English, Gloucester Community College.


Nicole Cesare

Dissertation: Spaces In Motion: The Dynamic Cartography of the Contemporary African Novel.

Job Placement: Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of South Florida


Jonathan Gagas

Dissertation: Late Modernist Schizophrenia: From Phenomenology to Cultural Pathology.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, East Stroudsburg University


Daniel Morse

Dissertation: Fiction on the Radio: Remediating Transnational Modernism.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, University of Nevada at Reno


Phillip Mahoney

Dissertation: American Multitudes: Immunity and Contagion at the Turn of the Century.

Job Placement: Adjunct Faculty in English, Penn State University, Abington


Erica Schmid

Dissertation: “Hey! That’s My Phallus!”: Remythologizing Misogyny in Lawrence, Ballard and Lentricchia.

Job Placement: Educational Testing Service


Donovan Tann

Dissertation: Spaces of Religious Retreat in Seventeenth Century Literature and Culture.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, Hesston College.


Amy Woodworth

Dissertation: From Buddy Film to Bromance: Masculinity and Male Melodrama Since 1969.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of Writing Arts, Rowan University, Glassboro


Ph.D. 2013


Jennifer McKim

Dissertation: Milton and Messianic Time.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Department of Writing Arts, Rowan University


Meaghan Brewer

Dissertation: The Conceptions of Literacy of New Graduate Instructors Teaching Composition.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, Pace University.


Dana Harrison

Dissertation: Realism in Pain: Literary and Social Constructions of Victorian Pain in the Age of Anaesthesia 1846-1870.

Job Placement: Adjunct Faculty in English, Rowan University.


Kate Huber

Dissertation: Transnational Translation: Foreign Language in the Travel Writing of Cooper, Melville, and Twain.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, University of Central Oklahoma.


Michelle Martin

Dissertation: On the Question of the Human: A General Economy of Contemporary Tastes.

Job Placement: Adjunct Faculty, Temple University.


Tony Williams

Dissertation: Caliban’s Victorian Children: Racial Negotiations from Emancipation to Jubilee.

Job Placement: Adjunct Faculty, Montclair State University


Ph.D. 2012


Meredith Collins

Dissertation Title: Suggestive Silences: Sexuality and the Aesthetic Novel.

Job Placement: Publishing Assistant, Riverdale Ave Books, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Manhattan College.


Gabriel Cutrufello

Dissertation Title: Demonstrating Scientific Taste: Aesthetic Judgment, Scientific Ethos, and Nineteenth Century American Science.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, York College.


Lara Kattekola

Dissertation Title: The Politics of Multiculturalism & the Politics of Friendship.

Job Placement: Assistant Writing Center Coordinator, New Jersey City University.


Shamika Mitchell

Dissertation Title: The Multicultural Megalopolis: African-American Subjectivity and Identity in Contemporary Harlem Fiction.

Job Placement: Assistant Prof of English, SUNY Rockland.


Tatum Petrich

Dissertation Title: The Girl Gang: Women Writers of the New York City Beat Community.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, Montclair State University.


Jeffrey Renye

Dissertation Title: Panic at the British Borderlands: The Great God Pan, Victorian Sexuality, and Sacred Space in the Works of Arthur Machen.

Job Placement: Adjunct Faculty, LaSalle University.


Shiladitya Sen

Dissertation Title: Metatheatricality on the Renaissance Stage.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English (NTT), Montclair State University.


Ph.D. 2011


Bernadette Balcer

Dissertation Title: What the Angel in the House Wrought: Destructive Mothers in Works by Thomas Hardy and Henry James.

Job Placement: Full-time teacher at private school.


Bridget Chapman

Dissertation Title: Regular Wild Irish: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in Irish American Fiction.

Job Placement: Lecturer, Kean University.


Jacqueline Emery
Dissertation Title: Writing Against Erasure: Native American Boarding School Students and the Periodical Press, 1880-1920.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, SUNY College at Old Westbury.


Jennifer Maloy

Dissertation Title: Making an Avant-Garde Composition:  Intersections of Composition Theory and Innovative Poetics.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Queensborough Community College, CUNY.


Nick Moudry

Dissertation Title: Intertexts with Surrealism in 20th Century U.S. Poetics.

Job Placement: Senior Lecturer, Writing, University of the Arts.


Nicholas Peterson

Dissertation Title: A Rip in the Social Fabric Revolution, Industrial Workers of the World, and the Paterson Silk Strike of 1913 in American Literature, 1908-1927.

Job Placement: Adjunct Faculty, Community College of Philadelphia.


Algie Vincent Williams

Dissertation Title: Patterns in the Parables: Black Female Agency and Octavia Butler’s Construction of Black Womanhood.

Job Placement: Adjunct Faculty, Drexel University.


Ph.D. 2010


Andrea Cabus
Dissertation Title: Selective Memory: Victorian Periodical Receptions of Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Novels.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Coker College.


Matthew Desiderio

Dissertation Title: Wandering: Seeing the Cinema of Wim Wenders Through Cultural Theory and Naturalized Phenomenology.

Job Placement: Temple English Dept. (FYW).


Margaret J. Godbey
Dissertation Title: Vying for Authority: Realism, Myth, and the Painter in British Literature, 1800-1855.
Job placement: Assistant Professor of English and Coordinator of English Education Concentration in the Department of Communication, Language and Literature, Coker College.


Elizabeth Kimball

Dissertation Title: A Perfect Knowledge of Our Own Tongue: Language Use and Learning in Philadelphia, 1750-1830.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, The New Community College at CUNY.


Janina Levin
Dissertation Title: Modern Reinterpretations of the Cuckold.
Job Placement: Lecturer, Holy Family University.


April Logan
Dissertation Title: Theorizing and Performing Socio-Political Representation: Harriet Wilson, Harriet Jacobs, and Pauline Hopkins.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, Salisbury University.


Janet Neigh
Dissertation Title: Rhythmic Literacy: Poetry, Reading and Public Voices in Black Atlantic Poetics.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College.


Anna Peak
Dissertation Title: The Music of the Spheres: Music and the Gendered Mind in Nineteenth-Century Britain.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor in the Intellectual Heritage Program (Teaching/Instructional), Temple University.


Carissa Porkorny-Golden
Dissertation Title: Three Classroom Environments and Their Effect on Teacher Candidates’ Conceptions of Literacy and Community During the Practicum Semester.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Kutztown University.


Megan Walsh

Dissertation Title: A Nation in Sight: Visual Technology and Literary Culture in the Early United States.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, St. Bonaventure University.


Ph.D. 2009


Elizabeth Allan
Dissertation Title: Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacies in Architecture Studio Classes.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric Department, Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.


Matthew Badura

Dissertation Title: The Form of Talk: A Study of the Dialogue Novel.

Job Placement: Assistant Director of Undergrad Studies & Adjunct Faculty, School of Computers and Engineering, Temple University.


Kelly Connelly

Dissertation Title: From Poe to Auster: Literary Experimentation in the Detective Story Genre.

Job Placement: Instructional Faculty, Temple University.


Chris Drew
Dissertation Title: Literacy Practices of Student-Athletes: The Ethics of Repetition, Surveillance and Breakdown.

Job Placement: Independent entrepreneur of Pocket Literacy Coach, see .


Daniel Ellis
Dissertation Title: “Free from Any Other Meaning”: Truth and Politics in the Rhetoric of Elizabeth I.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Director of Composition, and Director of the Plassmann Writing Center, St. Bonaventure University.


Jeffrey Hibbert
Dissertation Title: Room for Possibilities: James Joyce and the Rhetorical Work of Fiction

Job Placement: Lecturer, Yasar University, Turkey.


Gabriella Kecskes

Dissertation Title: Representations of the Nation Through Corporeal Narrativity in Contemporary Multicultural British Fiction.

Job Placement: Instructional Faculty, Temple English Dept.


Cameron Mackenzie

Dissertation Title: Badiou’s Inaesthetics and the Modern Dilemma.
Job Placement: Visiting Professor, San Francisco Art Institute.


Katherine Malone
Dissertation Title: The Lady Critic: Women of Letters and Critical Authority in British Periodicals, 1854–1908.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor (Teaching/Instructional), Intellectual Heritage Program, Temple U.


Michael Martin

Dissertation Title: Imaginative Thanatopsis: Death and the 19th-Century American Subject.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Charleston.


Ph.D. 2008


David Bertolini

Dissertation Title: Difference and the Reality of Fiction in a Theoretical World: Beckett, Resnais, and Deleuze.

Job Placement: Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the School of Architecture, Louisiana State University.


Patricia Crouch

Dissertation Title: Reading the English Revolution: The Literature and Politics of Typological Interpretation.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, Framingham State University.


Christine Guedon-DeConcini

Dissertation Title: Visions and Revisions of the National Past in the British Country-House Novel, 1900-2001.

Job Placement: Writing Instructor, Rutgers University, Camden.


Lynn Johnson

Dissertation Title: Traumas of the Middle Passage: The Foundations of Narrative and Political Discourse in 19th-Century African American Literature.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Dickinson College.


Jaime Longo
Dissertation Title: Forging Connections: Development of Academic Argument in First Year Honors Students’ Writing.
Job Placement: Associate Director of Academic and Learning Support Services, La Salle University.


Ph.D. 2007


Julia Mendenhall

Dissertation Title: Genre Pleasures: Restructing Narrative Thresholds and the Coming Out of the North American (English-Canadian and U.S.) Lesbian Romance Film.

Job Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor, Temple University.


Ph.D. 2006


Ross Gay
Dissertation Title: An American Drama: Fictional Representations of Interracial Desire, 1894-2003.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Creative Writing, Indiana University, Bloomington.


Fran Lassiter

Dissertation Title: “We Rest Our Legs, But Never Our Mouth”: Africanisms and the African-American Literary Tradition.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, University of District Columbia.


Gina Mackenzie
Dissertation Title: The Theatre of the Real: Yeats, Beckett and Sondheim.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor at Community College of Philadelphia. Dr. Mackenzie also hosts the Philadelphia Cultural Forum on Channel 53, CCPTV, a program designed to highlight local artists and bring their work out to the community.


Ph.D. 2005


Siobhan Broderick

Dissertation Title: The Public Intellectual Work of Allen Ginsberg.

Job Placement: Regional Dir. for Humanities, Ministry of Education, Ireland.


Thane Glenn
Dissertation Title: The Invented Language: John Foxe, Edmund Spenser, and the Rhetorical Development of English as a Genre of Heritage in the Sixteenth Century.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Bryn Athyn College.


Katherine Hartman

Dissertation Title: “A New Band of Pilgrims”: Fin de Siècle British Women Writers’ Political Reformation of the Conversion Narrative.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall College.


David Izzo

Dissertation Title: The Great Yearning – The Perennial Philosophy as a Paradigm for Literary Theory: With Examples from Modern Literature.

Job Placement: Associate Professor, Fayetteville State University, North Carolina.


Ben Railton

Dissertation Title: Reconstructing the Past: Voice and Visions of History in American Literature, 1876-1886.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, Fitchburg State College, MA.


Jessica Restaino
Dissertation Title: First semester: Comp, Grad Students and Arendtian Beginnings.

Job Placement: Associate Professor, Montclair State University.


Schuster, Marc
Dissertation Title: Practical Ambivalence: Don DeLillo and the Political Economy of the Sign.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Montgomery County Community College.


Christine Swiridoff

Dissertation Title: Writing for a Cause: The English Woman’s Journal and Women’s Work, 1858-1864.

Job Placement: Professor of English and Director of the Honors Program, Cerro Coso CC, California.


Ph.D. 2004


Tanya Clark

Dissertation Title: Quilting the Race: The Colored American Magazine, Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins, and the African-American Family, 1900-1905.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Rowan College.


Suzanne Gittleman

Dissertation Title: Exaltation and Lament: Edna Ferber’s American Jeremiads.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Madison Area Technical College (Wisconsin).


Ph.D. 2003


Elizabeth Abele

Dissertation Title: Go Home Young Man: The Domestication of the American Hero in Post-Regan Novels and Films.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, SUNY Nassau Community College.


Kerry Sherin Wright

Dissertation Title: Metric Masculinities: Constructions of Masculinity in T.S. Eliot’s Early Poems and Prose.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor and Founding Director of the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House, Franklin & Marshall College.


Ph.D. 2002


Susan Levasseur                              

Dissertation Title: Imaginary Revolutions: Frustrated Form in Women’s Poetry and Novels of the Romantic Period.

Job Placement: Editor, Houghton Mifflin.


Brian O’Sullivan
Dissertation Title: “Raids on the Inarticulate”: Modernist Scenes of Composition.
Job Placement: Assistant Professor of English, St. Mary’s College of Maryland.


Esther Schwartz-McKinzie           

Dissertation Title: “Play with the Stories a Little While”: Mobility of Mind in Short Fictions by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Kate Chopin, George Egerton and Sarah Grand.

Job Placement: Professor and Director of the Paul Peck Humanities Institute, Montgomery College, MD.


Scott Warnock
Dissertation Title: Subtle Technology and Student Writers: The Ambient Influence of Technological Myths on Communicators.
Job Placement: Associate Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum, Drexel University.


Ph.D. 2001


Mary Conway   

Dissertation Title: Disorientations: Recovering the Aesthetic in Queer Studies.

Job Placement: Assistant Professor, Community College of Philadelphia.


Clare Cotungo

Dissertation Title: Form and Reform: Transatlantic Dialogues 1824-1905.

Job Placement: Pew Foundation; Head Editor and Writer, Creative Conzepts; Manager, Content Quality, Electronic Ink, Inc.


Alicia Gribben

Dissertation Title: Jane’s Heirs: Hollywood (Re)Makes the Classics, 1930-1945.

Job Placement: Towers Perrin Associates, Philadelphia; Proposal Manager, HP.


Keith Gumery

Dissertation Title: The Phosphorescent Pool of Idealism and the Blinding Headlight of Realism: Henry Blake Fuller and Art in America.

Job Placement: Director of Teaching and Learning, Danish Institute for Study Abroad.


Eric Keenaghan

Dissertation Title: Making Flesh Word: Baroque Modernisms and Pragmatist Reconfigurations of Embodied Masculinities in Twentieth-Century United States and Cuban Literatures.

Job Placement: Associate Professor, SUNY-Albany


Catherine Wiley               

Dissertation Title: Amphibious Creatures: Essayism and Transformative Play in Walter Pater, Vernon Lee, and John Addington Symonds.

Job Placement: Visiting Professor, Temple University; Psychotherapist in private practice, Main Line Psychotherapy.