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In 2007, Temple Writing Academy worked with over 60 Philadelphia high school students from 20 different local high schools and numerous community organizations such as Allegheny West Foundation, Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Philadelphia Futures, and White-Williams Scholars.

Our students are talked poets, writers, playwrights, journalists, and musicians in addition to being motivated high school students with a dedication to improving their writing and reading skills.

Students have the opportunity to share their work at Open Mic Nights held at Tree House Bookstore throughout the year, at a final performance in early August, and in our annual publication, which will be available in early October.


Here's what some of our students have to say about TWA

twa student 1


Being inside of the Temple Writing Program has been a big support system for me to go by. I was able to understand the different languages that come from the hip-hop community. Also, I was able to understand the true meaning of poetry and it doesn’t necessarily need to be so emotional. I learned the different methods of writing a college level essay and now I feel a lot more comfortable in writing. Thank You TWA for the chance to become a stronger writer. (Marcus Bell, showing off the TWA 2007 hand-screenprinted t-shirts, Roxborough High School)


twa student 2


The Temple Writing Academy has had a huge impact on my writing. My writing skills have changed significantly. When I came to the Academy I didn’t think I could possibly learn as much as I did. I enhanced my knowledge on short stories, slam poetry, sports writing and play writing, all in a short amount of time. This learning experience has also been fun. The teachers interact with you like a big sister or brother would. They get to know you personally beyond your writing. At the end of the four weeks I wanted to stay longer. The people on Temple campus and the faculty members are so cool to be around. They have motivated me in many ways. I wish I could come back next year. (Nicola White, Parkway Center City High School)

twa student 3

It’s only hours before the end of TWA summer program and already, my vocabulary has a lack of words to express how much I will miss the program. I realize as I catch the subway to Cecil B. Moore for the last time, that this was definitely a life changing experience. I learned so many things. I learned how to express myself in different way, make books and most importantly about revision (I used to hate it but now I actually like the purpose of it).  I also created many of my greatest written pieces during this short period of time. I never knew I could write the way I do. It made me feel confident about achieving the best.  Not only I learned a lot but I had lot of fun. I got to be on Temple university campus and experience what its like to be in college with my new friends. Quisha, Leslie and I would go over to the food court and chill or have crazy laughs.  I loved the program. If I were to do it over, I would do it with no second thought. (Vanessa Lamothe, Northeast High School)


twa student 4This program helped me to focus more on my writing than before            

Now I know what I have to do to improve my writing

My poems, playwriting and sport writing improved

I thank the people who help me to take over my writing, grammar, and spelling

I like this program I wish I could come back

THANK YOU TWA STAFF for helping me

(Thanks for pimping my mind!!!!!!!)

LUV U ALL!! (Lerato Mokgadi, Northeast High School)

twa student 5At first I came to TWA to get out of the house, but after the first two days I couldn’t wait to get here. TWA is more than a place to go in the summertime; for me it’s a friendly place to prepare for school in a way that isn’t forceful. I love all my classes because they teach me that experiencing new ways to write could make me more creative. I have taken playwriting, blogging, experimenting with poetry and slam poetry. All of my teachers encouraged me to become an excellent writer instead of just a good writer. I’ve written a sestina, sonnet and a one act play. I like how everyone treats me like an adult, even the instructors of the writing center. I go to the writing center every day to take a lot of different workshops like grammar and art and crafts. I have also made many friends who I have had fun with in and out of TWA. I am applying next year.  (Raquisha Lambright, Freire  Charter School)




twa student 6 I felt as though TWA was an experience to see different people and hear what people have to say.  It was part of the summer time, but it was worth it.  I became more creative with my words, and I opened up more.  I enjoyed hearing other people’s poetry and taking different classes, so I would like to attend this next summer.  (Mykia Wilson, Gratz High School)

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