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Offering creative and challenging writing workshops for Philadelphia public high school students entering grades 10, 11, and 12.

Temple Writing Academy is a summer program that fosters creative writing, thinking, and expression. We encourage students to bring their individuality and personal experiences to the page to form their voices as writers. At TWA our goal is to provide creative writing classes that foster safe environments for our students to learn and grow in their personal and academic lives.

Students enrolled in our classes will gain valuable skills that will help them succeed in high school and throughout college. We view writing as a tool for self-expression, critical reflection, and empowerment. TWA graduates leave our program more critical consumers of knowledge and overall, better writers.

Students who successfully complete TWA will receive a certificate of completion and a personal writing portfolio. Our students will also have the opportunity to have some of their writings published through our annual publication and showcased during the TWA community production.


TWA is a four-week writing-intensive program which runs Monday through Friday during the month of July. Students attend morning and afternoon writing workshop and participate in extra-curricular activities, all held on the Temple University campus. Students learn through composing and sharing their own work, reading work of interesting writers, and responding to different types of writing.

Classes are small, and students work closely with their instructors, all Temple graduate students with a passion for writing. Each of our classes combines creative and academic writing and reading. Through our writing workshops, students in TWA get to see what university life is like and how writing is a part of that life. As they share their work in publications and performances, and as they participate in literary activities on campus and around Philadelphia, they come to see the many ways in which writing is important both as a form of self-expression as well as a tool for future academic and career success.


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