Charlottesville on Our Mind

On Friday, September 15, Temple University students gathered for a teach-in about Charlottesville and white supremacy. Convened through Professor Ralph…
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Summer Fellows for 2017

The Feinstein Center for American Jewish History announces the selection of its Summer Fellows for 2017: Ronnie Grinberg is an Assistant…
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We are pleased to announce that Feinstein’s Director, Lila Corwin Berman, has been elected Chair of the Academic Council of…
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Summer Fellows for 2016

The Feinstein Center for American Jewish History announces the selection of its Summer Fellows for 2016: Aaron Welt, a PhD…
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Our Video Page is Live!

Have a few minutes to spare? Why not spend them exploring the Feinstein Center’s new Vimeo page? Check out dynamic…
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Summer Fellows for 2015

The Feinstein Center for American Jewish History announces the selection of its Summer Fellows for 2015. Avigail Oren, a PhD…
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Sounds Jewish Logo Award

The Sounds Jewish Identity/Logo designed for the Feinstein Center for American Jewish History at Temple University recently won an Award…
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Free to Be at 40

On November 5, the Feinstein Center, in partnership with Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel, presented an evening of Free to Be You…
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kn interview

On Knishes

Mrs. Stahl died long before my time, but I knew her well. The Brooklyn knish store that bore her name…
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The Hands that Feed

On February 26, the Feinstein Center for American Jewish History and the Jewish Farm School hosted “The Hands That Feed”…
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Sounds Jewish

Last March, the Feinstein Center seeded its new project “Sounds Jewish” with an amazing evening of music and conversation. Here’s…
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Summer Fellows for 2014

The Feinstein Center for American Jewish History announces the selection of its Summer Fellows for 2014. Shari Rabin, a PhD…
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Peter Singer

Peter Singer: Mensch & Food Ethicist

Peter Singer has written the best book on food ethics you haven’t read yet. Read a succulent snippet in this interview where Singer talks about Judaism, suffering, and his humanitarian utilitarianism. …
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farm workers

Homeless (Israelite) Like Me

Sukkot is the holiday where Jews expose themselves to the elements. Elliot Ratzman considers the tradition of immersion experiments that involve hard (agricultural) labor, homelessness, and hunger….
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Common Knowledge

What is the common knowledge of our culture in the United States, or the American Jewish Community? What do we want our common knowledge to be? …
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Stale Bread for the New Year

The gastronomy of Rosh Hashanah may appear as straightforward as apples and honey, raisin-studded round challah, and, perhaps, brisket. But in Professor Lila Corwin Berman’s mind, the holiday is not complete without stale bread. …
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Sue Fiskoff

Q & A with Sue Fishkoff

Sue Fishkoff is the editor of j., the Jewish news weekly of Northern California. Previously she has worked as a…
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mark-bittman apple

Q & A with Mark Bittman

Mark Bittman answered a few questions from What is Your Food Worth about his ideas about food and ethics….
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With or Without OU?

By Lila Corwin Berman, Director of Temple University’s Feinstein Center If you were a child in the eighties, as I…
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The Dinner Party

Imagine the power of a political movement that linked up consumption and production, shoppers and workers….
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The Future of Jewish Food

This Saturday, your intrepid “What is Your Food Worth?” correspondent attended the Future of Jewish Food, an evening of panels, tastings and schmoozing….
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working in the shadows

Chicken and Football

NFL fans, chastened by brain injury reports, now greet Sunday with a sense of ambivalence. Can we do the same thing with the chicken-buying public?…
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On Not Cooking

A month into our sojourn, the strangest part for me is not cooking dinner….
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