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    Between the Sacred and the Secular:  Communal Continuity and Change in Contemporary Lubavitch Society
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  • Susan Gittleman (Honorable Mention), Temple University
    The German Jewish Experience in America, for a biography of Edna Ferber


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  • Shana Bernstein (Honorable Mention), Stanford University
    Building Bridges at Home in a Time of Global Conflict: Interracial Cooperation and the Fight for Civil Rights in Los Angeles, 1933-1954
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  • Andrea Most (Honorable Mention), Brandeis University
    Cantors and Jazz Singers: Theatre as a Medium of Modernization and Acculturation


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    The Federal Voting Rights Act and Jews in New York City
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    Sabato Marais:  Italian Rabbinic Humanist in Victorian Philadelphia
  • Rakhmiel Peltz (Honorable Mention), Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania
    Forging the Mainstream of American Jewish History: Children of Immigrants Interpret Their Legacy
  • Mark Frey (Honorable Mention), Temple University
    A Chorus of Protest from the Free World: The American Struggle for Soviet Jewish Emigration, 1957-1963


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  • Alice A. Butler-Smith
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