• Eric Goldstein (Dissertation Fellowship), Emory University
    Race and the Dilemmas of Jewish Identity, 1875-1945


  • Edward Shapiro (Research Grant), Seton Hall University
    Right Turn: Jews and the American Conservative Movement
  • Eugene Sheppard (Research Grant), Brandeis University
    Analysis of Leo Strauss’ philosophy and work post-World War II at the University of Chicago
  • Nathan Abrams (Research Grant), University of London
    The special role played by Commentary magazine in Jewish affairs, especially on the growth of American Jewish political conservatism.


  • Marc Dollinger (Doctoral Prize), Pasadena City College
    Turning Inward: Cultural Nationalism and American Jewish Life, 1964-1980 
  • Karla Goldman (Doctoral Prize), Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute for Religion
    Beyond the Gallery: The Place of Women in the Development of American Judaism
  • Mary McCune (Special Grant in Women’s Studies), Ohio State University
    “Charity Work” as Nation-Building: American Jewish Women’s Activism and the Crises in Europe and Palestine, 1914-1929
  • Felicia Herman (Special Grant in Women’s Studies), Brandeis University
    The ways gender has shaped the religious lives of American Jewish women and men from the 1890’s to World War II.
  • Jane Rothstein (Special Grant in Women’s Studies), New York University
    Social and cultural history of the mikveh in the United States from the late nineteenth century through the 1940’s.
  • Jeremy Stolow (Special Grant in Women’s Studies), York University, Toronto, Canada
    Nation of Torah: Inspiring Stories and the Politics of Historiography in a Religious Social Movement
  • Aviva Ben-Ur (Special Grant in Women’s Studies), Brandeis University, Queens University
    Where Diasporas Met: Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews in the City of New York – A Study in Intra-Ethnic Relations, 1880-1950
  • Melissa Klapper (Special Grant in Women’s Studies), Rutgers University
    A Fair Portion of the World’s Knowledge: Young American Jewish Women and the Problem of Education, 1870-1920


  • Nancy Mykoff
    A Jewish Season: Ethnic-American Culture at Children’s Summer Camp (1918-1941)
  • Jay Eidelman (Research Grant), Yale University
    Jews in North America, 1790-1830
  • Regina Stein, Jewish Theological Seminary of America


  • Reena Sigman Friedman (Research Grant), Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
    History of the Reconstructionist Movement
  • Eli Faber (Research Grant), John Jay Criminal College
    Jews and Slavery in the English Speaking World
  • Alice Saldan (Research Grant), University of Kansas
    Eisenhower, American Middle East Policy, and Domestic Imperatives: American Zionism Confronts “Sympathetic Impartiality”


  • Beth Wenger (Doctoral Prize), University of Pennsylvania
    New York Jews and The Great Depression