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French Studies at Temple University


Courses in French language and French/Francophone literature and cinema are offered by Temple University’s Department of French, German, Italian and Slavic.

Students taking French at Temple have the following options to choose from: 

  • Major in French
  • Double Major in French with another Major
  • Minor in French
  • Foreign Language Certificate in French (this option includes the French for Business course)

The French major helps students develop skills in reading, writing and oral communication while providing them with a rich understanding of the literature, cinema, history, and traditions of one of more Francophone cultures. In all classes, students focus on communication and communities, comparisons and connection, and culture. As they improve their linguistic skills and study various forms of cultural production from other nations, French majors also strengthen their ability to analyze and interpret in a way that contributes to their education above and beyond courses they take for the major. Through study at Temple, often enhanced by study abroad, French majors gain insight into their own identities and assumptions in relation to others. Majors complete the program with an ability to communicate, a grounding in literary tradition, and an awareness of cultural differences that has become increasingly important in the contemporary world.


The French major is a good preparation for a career that requires analytical thinking and communication skills in general, which includes the domains of education, business, government service, travel, and tourism. It is a good major or a second major for students planning to attend law or medical school. Studies have shown that learning a foreign language helps raise scores on the LSAT, GRE, and MCAT exams. This course of study also proves valuable to anyone who plans to work for a multinational corporation.


French courses are often small, allowing students to get to know each other and their professors well. The program helps prepare students enrolled in the School of Education for careers teaching French and provides the opportunity to students enrolled in the Fox School of Business to acquire a certificate in French with a special course on French in the business world. Outside of class, students can share conversation and activities with an on-campus group for French speakers and gather at occasional film screenings and other events.


If you have any questions about the French program at Temple, please contact any of the following French faculty:

Ruth Thomas (Advisor)

Beth Curran

Akim Gabriel

Laura Spagnoli

Wilbert Roget







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