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German Studies at Temple University

When you choose to study German at Temple you have the following options to choose from:


• Major in German
• Double Major in German with another subject Major
• Minor in German
• Obtain a Foreign Language Certificate in German
• Semester or year Study Abroad in Hamburg or Tübingen
• Summer Intensive Study Program in Leipzig
• Temple University German Society (TUGS)
• Temple University Chapter - Delta Phi Alpha National Honorary German Society


Any one of these options will prepare you with the tools you will need to succeed in an increasingly multicultural and globalized society.


Description of German Studies


German is a major world language spoken in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as in some communities in the United States. Whether you are interested in literature, music, theater, film, or art, German culture is a rich and exciting tradition. Temple’s German program provides broad linguistic, cultural, and practical experiences to prepare students to participate meaningfully in the German-speaking world.

The German major and minor help students achieve their learning goals, whether they want to go on to use German to communicate with friends in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland; to engage in business with German partners; to work in government or in the media; or to participate in German culture. They develop skills in reading, writing, and oral communication while acquiring a rich understanding of the literature, cinema, history and culture of the German-speaking world.


Students who study German at Temple find that the program prepares them to do well in whatever they choose upon graduation; the German major is a good preparation for a career that requires analytical thinking and communication skills in general, which includes the domains of education, business, government service, travel, and tourism. It is a good major or second major for students planning to attend law school or medical school. Studies have shown that learning a foreign language helps raise scores on the LSAT, GRE, and MCAT examinations. This course of study also proves valuable to anyone who plans to work for a multinational corporation.

The German courses are often small, allowing students to get to know one another and their professors well. The program helps prepare students enrolled in the Fox School of Business and Management to acquire a special language certificate including a special course on German in the business world. Outside of class, students can share conversations and activities informally or with the University German Society.

About the German Studies Department

Our Department has been 'im Aufschwung' (on the upsurge), adding many new students as majors, minors, and certificate candidates. Recently we completely revised our curriculum, revising most of the courses, adding some new, exciting offerings, and, generally modernizing the inventory.Our thrust in all courses is a communicative approach with emphasis on speaking and comprehension, but with appropriate use of the reading, interpretation, writing and research skills. We strive to employ technology as much as possible to support teaching and learning, thus a heavy emphasis on the use of our Blackboard course management system and other technologies.


We have had again this past year a number of scholarship and assistantship recipients in German, as well as several Fulbright post graduate assistantships in Germany; a dozen major scholarship recipients, including: the yearly Delta Phi Alpha National scholarship, German Society of PA scholarships, and University scholarships. As you can see we have been very successful here in the last few years in promoting the German program, attracting top flight students, and reaching the highest levels of achievement.


Our faculty, although small, has outstanding academic credentials and has proven itself adept particularly with the basic courses and helping students to reach the highest levels of proficiency.


• Emerita Professor of German; Program Advisor is Prof. Margaret Devinney (just published on German Mythology)
• Prof. Istvan Varkonyi (now director of the Temple 'Gen-Ed' Program) is noted for his expertise in Central European Language, Literature & Culture
• Prof. Anthony Waskie a graduate of NYU, with study in Marburg, Salzburg, Prague (Charles University) expertise in Germanistik, Slawistik; 2nd Language Acquisition; along with experience in public education; and government service.
• Prof. Prof. Patricia Melzer is a native of Germany and shares time with the Women's Studies
• Prof. Stella Gevorgyan-Ninness is a Ph.D. graduate and has studied at Bamberg University
• Karen Purdy, Prof. Suzana Volquarts, Prof. Beata Swoboda, Prof.Lusi McKinley and Prof. Renate Losoncy are appointees as Adjunct Professor.


The department has also established a Temple German Listserv Forum to pass along updates on activities and on German Culture & Life in general. To be added to this site, please visit the listserv here. We hope this brief description will serve to answer questions about the Temple German Department. If your question is not answered by this website please feel free to contact us.

Department Announcements

  • Maura Smith, a Temple German Major and a graduate of our Leipzig program, who is just finishing up a year at Temple Rome has received the coveted Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in Germany for 2014 -2015. She will be a teaching assistant in the German State of Saarland in Western Germany. Congratulations to Maura! Viele herzliche Glueckwuensche!


  • German Immigrant and retired Physician Dr. Ludwig Schlitt visited the German Culture & Civilization II Class on 12/3/08 to discuss his experiences and recollections of life in Germany during the National Socialist period and World War II and his military service in the Luftwaffe.


           Armin Pop; Prof. Waskie (instructor); Thomas Golanoski; Alyssa Wegener; Alisha Balimoria; Andrew Heiss



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