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Russian Studies at Temple University

Russian is offered by Temple University’s Department of French, German, Italian and Slavic. Students can take courses in Russian language or culture. Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher in their Russian-related courses (at least 5 different courses) may apply for admission to the National Slavic Honor Society (Dobro Slovo) which has a chapter at Temple University (see the Russian advisor for more information.)

US News and World Report, February 1, 2009 - Learning Russian is a great way to improve yourself:  "Why not get ahead of the geopolitical curve and study Russian?" 

News for Prospective Students:  Temple University's Russian Program recognizes the Prototype Advanced Placement ® Examination in Russian. Students earning a score of 3 are welcome to register for Russian 2001; those earning a score of 5 are welcome to register for Russian 3001. 

NOTE: Native and Heritage Speakers of all Slavic Langauges may qualify for Heritage Russian (3003). Students who qualify may take heritage Russian to fulfill their University Language Requirement.

Top Paper Award

Julie Seidman has received the James C. McCroskey & Virginia P. Richmond Undergraduate Scholars Conference Top Paper Award  for research she presented at the 105th Annual ECA Convention. The paper grew out of Julie's capstone paper which she researched and wrote in Russian. Congratulations!



Temple Library Undergraduate Research Prize Winner

Congratulations are in order for Russian program graduating senior Evan Hoskins (Russian; History). Evan is this year's recipient of the Library Prize for Undergraduate Research for his essay "Pigs in the Promised Land." The library prize awards ceremony will be held on May 1, 2014 from 4-6pm in Paley Library. More information on the library prize can be found here.


Fifteenth Annual ACTR National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest Results

TU Russian is excited to announce that we have two winners of the Fifteenth Annual ACTR National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest. In this year’s contest, there were 1004 essays submitted from 58 universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation. Three judges in Russia read each essay and independently ranked them. Russian Student Cody Lake (teacher: Kathleen Meyerowitz) won Third Place and Edward Danyliuk won First Place. Congratulations!

2014 Russian Olympiada

On March 18, the 8th Delaware Valley Olympiada of Spoken Russian took place in the Student Activities Center on TU Main Campus. High school students from Eastern Pennsylvania and South New Jersey took part in the annual competition which saw them speaking, reading, and reciting poetry in Russian.

The Olympiada was co-sponsored by the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) and the Temple University Dept.of French, German, Italian, and Slavic (FGIS). The Delaware Valley Olympiada Chairperson and the Olympiada organizer Olia Prokopenko opened the event. FGIS Chairperson Dr. Louis Mangione greeted the participants and their teachers. He spoke of the importance of Russian as a language critical to the US national economy.

After the opening ceremony, the participants went to their respective rooms where they did their best to impress the Olympiada judges from Temple University and other Philadelphia schools. A number of top-scorers among regular learners and heritage speakers will receive gold, silver and bronze medals. Allyson Stroyan (4R) and Anna Ternova (5H) were announced overall winners of the Delaware Valley Olympiada. They will compete with other regional winners for a spot on the US team that will participate in the 2014 International Russian Olympiada in Moscow, Russia.


Dr. Louis Mangione welcomes the 2014 Olympiada participants as the                                                            Last-minute advice from Olia Prokopenko (4th from the left).

Delaware Valley Olympiada Chairperson and TU faculty Olia Prokopenko looks on.                                                         The level 2 judge Katsiaryna Antanovich is ready (1st from the left)


The 2014 Olympiada winner Allison Stroyan (2nd from the left) from Abington Heights HS, PA.                             Vineland HS team and their teacher Vlada Jackson (7th from the left).

In the backgound, Vineland HS Russian teacher Vlada Jackson (2nd from the right) distributes individual report cards.


The Level 5 judge Dr.Stella Gevorgian-Ninnes (1st from the right) is interviewing the

future winner in the Heritage Speakers Category, Anna Ternova from Vineland HS, NJ.


2013 National Russian Essay Contest Award

CONGRATULATIONS to SERHIY PLAKSIN, the first-place winner of the 2013 National Russian Essay Contest!



2012 Spring Fling at Temple University

Russian Program and Russian Club were among the most enthusiastic participants of the 2012 Spring Fling. We recruited for our Clubs and Programs and advertised our Study Abroad Program.


Information about Fall 2013 Course Offerings

We have an exciting program of courses for Fall 2013.

Along with all levels of language being offered, including heritage classes, we have two Russian Culture Electives being offered in the Fall Semester. 

Russian 2102: Russian Short Stories in English (2 Credit Hours)

Readings of selected masterpieces by authors such as Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Pushkin, Leskov, Chekhov, Gorky, and Bunin. Analysis and discussion.

Russian 2108: Women's Voices in Russian Culture (Cross Listed with Women's Studies) (3 Credit Hours)

In this course we will study the depiction of women's voices in Russian culture (memoirs, fiction, feature and documentary films, research in both anthropology and sociology), by female and male authors, researchers, and filmmakers in the context of a larger study of women in Russian culture. Our course will start with an historical survey, but focus most closely on Russian women in the 20th century. No knowledge of Russian is required; all works are read in translation or viewed with subtitles.

Information about Spring 2014 Course Offerings

We are preparing our scheduled courses for the Spring 2014 semester.

Along with all levels of language being offered, including heritage classes, we have three Russian Culture Electives being offered in the Spring Semester. 

Rus 0871 - Arts in Cultural Context: Russia

This course focuses on the arts as an expression of Russian cultural identity. It studies Russia’s arts, musical traditions, literature, crafts, film and theater. You will take field trips or have experiences that will allow you to encounter Russia's arts firsthand, and to develop a blended understanding of Russian cultural identity and the larger world.

NOTE: This course fulfills the Arts (GA) requirement for students under GenEd and Arts (AR) for students under Core.

RUS 2105 - Echoes of Terror in Russian Culture


Students will read and study literary works (novels, short stories, poetry), memoirs and feature and documentary films depicting Stalin's terror (from the murder of Kirov in 1934 to the death of Stalin in 1953) and its impact on Russian and Soviet society after that period. Students will come to understand the enormity of these historical events by reading, discussing, and analyzing the texts and the films, drawing connections between the Soviet historical and cultural contexts and historical events elsewhere in the world (e.g., Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa, Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur) about the legacy of totalitarian rule.

RUS 2107 - History of Russian Film

Students will study the history of the Russian cinema, viewing nearly 30 films spanning the period from 1900 to the present day.


Welcome Home to our Study Abroad Students

Many of our Russian Program students were accepted into the ACTR 2012 summer program in Russia. They spent their summers in either Moscow or St. Petersburg in language intensive programs. Welcome Home! For more information on our study abroad programming, see our webpage here, or contact the Russian Advisor, Olia Prokopenko.

Above: Peter Mosko (Second from right), and Ching Huang (Far Left), both Russian Majors

in front of The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg.


Elaine Fultz Lecture

Elaine Fultz was a guest speaker at the Russian film screening at the 2nd FGIS film festival (2012 theme: (Im)migration).


Student Awards - Spring 2011 and 2012

Congratulations to Lauren Grayfer (Class of '12) on her victory in the 2011 National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest (sponsored jointly by the American Council of Teachers of Russian and the American Association of Teachers of Slavic & East European Languages.)

Congratulations to Daniel Klim (Class of '11) on being named 2011 Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate by the American Council of Teachers of Russian and on his acceptance to the University of Virginia Graduate School for Russian Literature.


Katherine Lane (Class of '12), English major/Russian minor, was accepted to the Duke University Graduate Program in Russian. Congratulations!

CONGRATULATIONS to Russian majors Ryan Ellenbaum, Peter Mosko, Julie Seidman, Ching Huang who have been accepted to the ACTR 2012 summer program in Russia and will study Russian in St.Petersburg and Moscow!

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