The College of Liberal Arts’ Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies is a small, close-knit program where students receive individual attention from faculty. If you want to further your education on these important issues without earning a full degree our Certificate in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, Minor in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies or Minor in LGBT Studies could be the perfect option for you.

Unmatched Support

Our students benefit from small classes taught by renowned faculty who conduct cutting edge research on gender and sexuality. In addition to our core faculty, there are more than 60 faculty both within CLA and in other schools across the university, who are affiliated with our program. Many of these faculty teach courses that our majors and minors can take to fulfill requirements. All of them are committed to the goal of gender and sexuality-based equity.

Job Prospects

Many employers are committed to issues of diversity and inclusion, and are looking for college graduates who are knowledgeable about these issues and invested in their importance. Our undergraduate program prepares students to meet these demands. Our students learn actively through fieldwork and internships connected to their career interests. Our graduates pursue graduate degrees in every field and go on to have careers in business, teaching, healthcare, technology, social work, government, the arts, and much more. Build your resume or portfolio by choosing a major or minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies.

Already majoring in another department or program, but interested in GSWS? Add GSWS as a double major.

Or, earn a Certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies while simultaneously earning your B.A. in another department or program.

We also offer the following 4+1 accelerated B.A. + Master’s degree programs:


Heath Fogg Davis
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Undergraduate Advisor:
Rujuta Chincholkar-Mandelia
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Stephanie Morawski
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