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    Global Studies Program
    Gladfelter Hall, Room 663
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The world is increasingly globalized, with goods, services, people, and ideas traveling across borders more often, and more quickly, than ever before. Temple University and its College of Liberal Arts are also globalizing, offering students a wide array of majors in the social sciences, humanities, and area studies programs in Asian and Latin American studies.

The Global Studies Program is the latest step in the globalization of the College of Liberal Arts.  Starting in the Fall of 2015, Temple undergraduates can declare a major in Global Studies – an interdisciplinary program bringing together coursework from across a dozen departments, focused on the study of Global Security, Global Economy, and Global Cultures, and complemented by intensive language instruction and study abroad options. (For more on the Global Studies major, as well as the minor in Global Studies, click here.)

Beyond the Global Studies major and minor, the new Global Studies Program will serve as a focal point for all things global at CLA, sponsoring and spreading the word about lectures, workshops and other global events at Temple. Watch this website, as well as our facebook page, twitter feed, and our weekly e-mail newsletters for more information about global events at Temple.