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For general inquiries and advising questions, please contact or use the form provided here.

For questions about the Department, please contact the following faculty and staff:

Melissa Gilbert
Department Chair
309 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 7692 

Kevin A. Henry
Graduate Chair
313B Gladfelter Hall

Gerald Stahler
Undergraduate Chair
337 Gladfelter Hall
Telephone: (215) 204-6939

Kolson Schlosser
Director of Environmental Studies
338 Gladfelter Hall
Telephone: (215) 204-2185

Max Andrucki
Internship Coordinator
318 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 1233

Anne Eckert
1008A Gladfelter Hall
215 204 9209

Tycina Leftwich (Cousin)
308 Gladfelter Hall
215 204 7692

Julia Falcon
Student Services Coordinator
PSM in GIS Program Coordinator
338A Gladfelter Hall
215 204 3386

Contact the Department

For general inquiries, please use the form below: