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Assistant Professor of Instruction and Internship CoordinatorMax_Andrucki
325B Gladfelter Hall
1115 W. Berks St.


Social and cultural geography, Migration, Whiteness, South Africa, Gender, sexuality and space


I am a broadly-trained human geographer primarily interested in social and cultural geography, particularly questions around the ways that different kinds of bodies move through, experience, and perform space. I received a BA in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University, an MA in Geography from the University of Vermont, and a Ph.D in Geography (2011) from the University of Leeds in the UK. My research and publications to date have focused on sexuality, gender, and space; the geographies of whiteness in contemporary South Africa; and on the intersection between migration, transnationalism, and identity. My current research focuses on the intersection of race, gender, and social reproduction, including work on transgender people’s engagement with domestic objects and queer urbanisms in contemporary photography, as well as an ongoing project with Jen Dickinson at the University of Winchester examining shifting identities and domestic practices of mid-twentieth-century British migrant, settler, and ex-pat women in East and Southern Africa.

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Courses Taught

  • 0821: Digital Mapping
  • 0831: Global Cities
  • 1174: Urban Affairs–Gender and Sexuality in the City
  • 2001: Cities
  • 2014: Urban Geography
  • 2073: African Development
  • 2097: Research Methods in GUS
  • 3085: Internship in GUS/ENST