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GIS Studio Grand Opening


GIS Studio Grand Opening

On Friday October 6th, we celebrated the grand opening of our new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Studio.

The GIS Studio is located on the first floor of Gladfelter Hall. Formerly not in use as an academic space, the mezzanine level now includes the studio, the faculty office for the Assistant Director of GIS 2the Professional Science Master’s in GIS, and a small conference room with videoconferencing technology. This space is for graduate students in the Professional Science Master’s in GIS, giving them a dedicated space to work on their coursework, collaborate with fellow students and employers, and learn in a hands-on setting.

At the opening, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Richard Deeg and Chair of the Department of Geography and Urban Studies Dr. Melissa R. Gilbert spoke briefly. Dean Deeg has been supportive of the Professional Science Master’s in GIS since its creation in 2015. Dr. Gilbert spoke on behalf of the department thanking the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office, Facilities and many others for their assistance to create the beautiful space for our students.

In our Professional Science Master’s in GIS, we teach students how to learn. We aim to prepare students with a variety of tools to solve problems and prepare them for future shifts in technology. We teach a range of languages and skills including database management, cartography, programming, visualization and business ethics that can then be applied across many industries. Our goal is not to teach a specific set of skills but to give students the skills they need to move them forward.

Because applications of GIS are so pervasive, GIS and geospatial analysis is one of the highest growth industries in the United States, growing at an estimated 30 percent annually (U.S. Department of Labor).  Additionally, GIS analysts are equipped to integrate four of the top ten most hirable skills of 2017 according to LinkedIn. We are excited to devote this space to students learning in this cutting-edge program.

To learn more about our programs, join us for an open house on Tuesday October 17th, 5:30 pm in our new GIS Studio. RSVP here to attend.