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Current Graduate Students

Recent PhDs

Fanny Tremblay-Racicot
Dissertation Title: “Can Institutional Reforms Promote Sustainable Planning? Integrating Regional Transportaiton & Land Use in Toronto & Chicago (2001-2013)”

Ian Dunham
Dissertation Title: “Street Credit: Neighborhood Level Predictors of Financial Inclusion in Four U.S. Metropolitan Areas”

Michael Schwebel
Dissertation Title: “Climate Change Adaptation and Policy in Pacific Small
Island States: Safe Havens or Adrift at Sea?”

Liv Raddatz
Dissertation Title: “Between Continuity and Change: Exploring Polish Migrants’ Experiences in the Labor Market of Berlin, Germany”

Alan Wiig
Dissertation Title: “After the Smart City: Global Ambitions and Urban Policymaking in Philadelphia”

Yonghua Zou
Dissertation Title:  “The spatial distribution of subprime/higher-priced mortgages and its relationship with housing price variations within the Philadelphia metropolitan area: global model vs. local model”

Mahbubur Meenar
Dissertation Title: “Food Justice in Post-Industrial Cities- The Role of Non-Profit Organizations and Their Use of the Internet and Digital Technologies”

Suzanne Dayanim
Dissertation Title: “Examining the Influence of Community Institutions on Inner Ring Suburban Resilience : A study in Southeastern Pennsylvania.”

Megan HeckertDissertation Title: “The Economic, Environmental, and Social Justice Impacts of Greening Vacant Lots: An Integrated Spatial Assessment of Urban Revitalization and Sustainability Outcomes.”