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Meet Our Grad Students and Recent Alumni


Current Graduate Students

Recent PhDs


Alec Foster
Dissertation Title: “Everyday Environments, Everyday Identities: Urban Environmental Geographies of Philadelphia.”

Corita Brown
Dissertation Title: “Other People’s Children: How Race, Social Networks, and Spatial Context Influence Older Adults Attitudes about School Funding.”

Sendy Guerrier Alcidonis
Dissertation Title: “The social networks of Haitian Immigrants Employed in the Long-term Care Industry in Metropolitan Philadelphia: Complex Intersections of Race, Nationality, Class and Gender.”

Colleen Hammelman
Dissertation Title: “Connecting for survival: Understanding the spatial implications of migrant women’s food insecurity coping strategies in Medellín, Colombia, and Washington, DC.”

Fanny Tremblay-Racicot
Dissertation Title: “Can Institutional Reforms Promote Sustainable Planning? Integrating Regional Transportaiton & Land Use in Toronto & Chicago (2001-2013).”

Ian Dunham
Dissertation Title: “Street Credit: Neighborhood Level Predictors of Financial Inclusion in Four U.S. Metropolitan Areas.”

Past Dissertations

Recent MA Alumni


Caleb Fritz
Regional Planner at PlanSmart NJ

Andrew Van Leuven
Doctoral Student in Public Policy Management at The Ohio State University

Neal Freyman
Economic Development Associate at Choose New Jersey

Bob McDermott
Financial Policy Analyst at Philadelphia City Council

Christian Przybylek
Stewardship Specialist at Lancaster County Conservancy

MA Alumni