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Educational Background:

BA, The Evergreen State College, Geography and Cultural Studies

MA, Portland State University, Geography

Master’s Thesis:  Out in “The Numbers”: Youth and Gang Violence Initiatives and Uneven Development in Portland’s Periphery


Areas of Interest:

Feminist and Critical Race Epistemologies, urban theory, youth geographies, biosocial geographies, social services and policing.



My previous research focused on youth and gang violence in the Portland, Oregon, specifically as it relates to the context of a shifting regional political economy, characterized by a process of gentrification associated displacement and growing, and distinctly racicalized and spatialized, inequalities. This work examined how local agencies charged with addressing youth and gang violence are responding to shifts in the landscape of violence and navigating the inequitable distribution of wealth and resources in the city.


My current work continues with my interest in issues of race and inequality. I am currently working on a transdisciplinary project with both social scientists and biologists aimed at illuminating the complex disparities in the incidence, care and experience of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.