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Educational Background:

BA, Florida State University, Anthropology & English Studies

MA, Rutgers University, Geography

Master’s Thesis: “Radical Childcare Collectives: Putting Care to Work for Political Resistance”

Areas of interest

Feminist epistemologies, intergenerational and family geographies, urban theory, foster care, juvenile justice, race, social services, trauma theory and trauma studies


My previous research focused on the role of children, families, and social reproduction in political organizing. I was interested in how parents and caregivers juggle familial responsibilities along with community and political organizing. I was also concerned with the ways in which political organizations integrate (or fail to integrate) children and families into their meetings, activities, and political protests.

Currently, my research looks at a new shift in social services toward ‘trauma-informed care’. I’m looking at how trauma-informed approaches have been gaining traction over the past decade, particularly when it comes to service provisions for youth in disadvantaged urban areas. My research examines how practices and discourses around trauma are being deployed by social workers, schools, and government agencies and what kind of broader structural and political impacts they may be having. I’m interested in examining how ‘trauma’ can be both an effective/affective tool to address structural inequality while at the same time reinforcing an individualized, therapeutic approach to systemic issues.