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Graduate Certificate in GIS

Graduate Certificate in GIS

Our 12-credit graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) GIS is open to all students who have completed an undergraduate degree — including current Temple graduate students and those not currently enrolled in a graduate program.

Students interested in completing the certificate must take GUS 5062: Fundamentals of GIS or GUS 8067: Spatial Database Design and three electives from the list below:

  • GUS 5061: Cartographic Production
  • GUS 5063: Remote Sensing
  • GUS 5065: Urban GIS
  • GUS 5066: Environmental GIS
  • GUS 5067: GIS and Location Analysis
  • GUS 5068: Census Analysis and GIS
  • GUS 5069: GIS for Health Data Analysis
  • GUS 5072: Advanced Remote Sensing
  • GUS 5073: Geovisualization
  • GUS 5162: Advanced Statistics for Urban Applications
  • GUS 8065: Cartographic Design
  • GUS 8066: Application Development for GIS
  • GUS 8067: Spatial Database Design
  • GUS 8068: Web Mapping and Map Servers
  • GUS 5000: Special Topics (one special topics elective with a focus on spatial analysis)
  • Any course within the range of  GUS 5030-5040 or 8060-8070

GUS 8067: Spatial Database Design is required if the equivalent to GUS 5062. Fundamentals of GIS has already been taken at any level or the student has equivalent industry experience. We work with students to determine if they should be waived from the GUS 5062 requirement.

A full list of all graduate courses offered by the Department of Geography and Urban Studies including course descriptions and prerequisites is available on the Graduate Bulletin.

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