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Meet our GIS Faculty

Kevin and Michele

Our faculty have expertise in a wide range of GIS applications, including health, environmental, and urban applications; remote sensing; geovisualization; database design; application development; and cartography.  Learn more about our faculty below.

Melissa Gilbert, Chair
societal dimensions of information and communication technologies, digital divide

Lee Hachadoorian, Assistant Director
spatial database design, application development, geovisualization, GIS, Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G)

Kevin Henry, Graduate Chair
health and medical applications of GIS, geographic access, cluster detection, spatial statistics

Charlie Kaylor
spatial statistics, GIS

Michele Masucci, Vice President for Research Administration
digital divide, GIS and community development, environmental quality

Jeremy Mennis
spatiotemporal analysis, spatial data mining, dasymetric mapping, neighborhood effects, location analysis, GIS, urban health, environmental justice, crime and delinquency

Jessica Miller
urban and environmental planning, GIS

Hamil Pearsall
urban sustainability; environmental justice and health; risk, hazard and vulnerability; environmental applications of GIS

Jacob Shell
cartography, geovisualization, history of geovisualization

Steve Spindler
technical cartography

Victor Gutiérrez-Velez
remote sensing, sustainability science, GIS, spatial modeling

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